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  1. make sure and use the SEM plastic primer after a very thorough cleaning and scrubbing. It works well if the prep is done well and it peels off if it isn't Been through a few cans learning that lesson
  2. Thanks, but I found one the other day. Hope you are doiing great
  3. as to the rear interior panels . . . I've found that it is hard to repaint them, no matter how much prep you do. Consider having them covered by an upholstery shop for a one and done solution. Might be able to cover with car wrap even.
  4. Cool car. I'm shooting for a channeled body on mine and the frame is double z'ed
  5. I have the gaskets and will be trial fitting before I call the job done. I have not drilled the holes in the face of the frame yet for that reason. Also, I will be avoiding driving in the rain as much as possible with an open engine compartment!
  6. I did it in my car. I had a roll cage built and installed and had to shorten up the rear panels. I used a three sheets of aluminum and glued carpet to match my interior. I piece replaced the trap door, the second piece is flat and the third piece is bent to match the contours of the front panel. I have my battery relocated and underneath where the passenger side rear set would be. Here are a few pictures. https://photos.app.goo.gl/kepqbZ7Ymfdsy2Rp6
  7. I suppose a couple of pictures are in order https://photos.app.goo.gl/smqvBjBBLp32ZdrK6 Still have a little work to do before I can set the body on it for a test fit, but The chassis is about 90+% done. Still need to make a couple of sway bar mounts and some custom end links for them and the dogbone brackets are still not designed, just have it tacked together with some heavy steel plate until I get the chassis on the ground, the drivetrain in, and the body on. Cut down the windshield frame to match the chopped top last weekend and am certainly closing in on making it look sort of like a car
  8. Milodon makes a nice one, you may have to clearance the crossmember a tiny bit for the very center of the pan
  9. I have the bellhousing but no plate. Factory plate is too small to bolt to bottom so I need this part to use the bellhousing and I cannot find it available anywhere. If you have one for sale let me know!
  10. slowly making progress, sorry for the lack of photos, but I hope to have enough progress done to start posting some soon. Looks like I'm going to relocate the engine forward 3 or 4 inches. lift has been tied up for the last few months so it is making it harder for me to lift the body up onto the body cart. If I had some help I could do it by hand, but I'm too weak to lift the body 3 feet by myself. Maybe I'll have some wheaties this weekend and try it
  11. Looks more like a Panstang to me. Great work!
  12. Sorry I am not posting on this build yet. Just got back from the shop a little while ago. Engine is built, engine mounts are tack welded in place, transmission needs to be rebuilt, I'll tackle that soon, front suspension is hung, but need to make shock mounts, rear suspension has been mocked up, I just removed it today to finish weld some brackets. Have the transmission crossmember fabricated, just need to sleeve a couple of holes in the frame for mounting. Drive shaft will be about 20 inches long lol, thankfully with IRS that won't be a problem. Took body down off its nose and put it on dollies to allow me to start on rebuilding some wood and brought home a trunk load of inner body braces, dash panel etc, that need cleaning up. I have a good friend and I work out of his shop. He has helped with the chassis set up and does all the welding cause he can and I can't. Unfortunately he is in the hospital with an infection and is likely to lose a toe Monday- so I'm changing the build order a bit and going over to the body for a while. Its about 90% done exterior though there are some surface rust spots I need to work on and one small crease in the cowl, but the interior is bare and the underside of the roof panel that was welded in (off a van) is a little rusty in the back, so lucks me, I get to sand and sand and sand a little more before I start the real sanding. So. . . should I make the rear windows electric, sliding or fixed?
  13. So progress was slow as I left my job at the end of last year and opened my own office. Started back to it recently. Front cradle is mounted, I have a friend narrowing the batwing, so I can hang it inside the frame rails. Radiator just arrived yesterday and firewall is in the trunk of my car to go to the shop. Engine build is done except for hanging accessories and the intake manifold, still debating on whether or not to run dual quads. As to the frame, it is a new frame with a lot of bracing added in the center and once everything is mocked up next time I will determine what additional bracing I can add. One part I both dread and look forward to at the same time is rebuilding the wood frame inside the car. I have about 1/3 of the parts, but complete wood kits are way too expensive.
  14. I have several blocks in good shape here in Tennessee. I've bought two engines and one shortblock over the last few years. I've bought a machined block for as little as 300.00 at .030 over. I bought a complete short block for less than that and a complete engine and transmission for a hundred or so more. 2 bolt blocks are the most common-nothing wrong with them at all.
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