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  1. This is not true. The 18 for this particular DSO is for all regular Sportsroofs.
  2. AC is somewhat unusual for a ragtop, but by 1972 it was more popular than you think. I'm overseas so I can't tell you how many ragtops had AC, but it's listed in Kevin Marti's book.
  3. Wow, that car is an awesome find! FWIW, I still can determine the sequence number on your car. I don't know what good hiding it will do, but you haven't hidden all of them.
  4. Could you expand on this? For example, if you're talking about 1969 Mach Is, I understand since Marti doesn't distinguish between SportsRoofs. But most any other Marti I've seen shows specifics for a particular model and body style.
  5. The bottom of the blue box states, "For the 1971 Mustang Mach I Sportsroof" so there is your answer - not so vague after all.
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