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  1. Here is an article discussing one vs the other. https://pantera.infopop.cc/topic/351c-cylinder-heads-open-chamber-vs-closed-chamber
  2. I have ordered stuff from many of the dealers, but by far Don at Ohio Mustang has helped me the most. One thing if he doesn't have the part you can't order it online. Unlike Cj's who will take your order and money but forget to tell you its back ordered and who knows when it will be in. Another thing I have found is that he is brutally honest to a fault about things. He has saved me money by selling me a repop part that was just as good as and original and sold me the original when the repops are junk. Built two cars from him now. Just my .02. Read reviews on this site as they are many.
  3. Hand tools, air tools. BFH and drift, Floor jack and stands, can of Aero Kroil. Job can be tedious but not really a hard job.
  4. Sounds like he found an easier job that pays more money. I would move on if its already started off that bad. It will only get worse as time goes on from what I have seen.
  5. From the forum rules: Classifieds and Advertising The free classified section is for members to sell 71-73 Mustang cars and parts items. All items including parts and complete cars must be priced. Anything commercial or business related is not allowed in the classified section. If you would like to be considered for a spot as an advertiser on 7173mustangs.com, please contact RocketFoot. We will make all efforts to keep scams and scammers off our site, but we cannot be held responsible for anything advertised by other parties on our forums. As with any internet source, buy and/or sell at y
  6. Maybe this will help some https://performanceparts.ford.com/download/pdfs/SpeedometerGearUsageChart.pdf or https://www.fordmuscleforums.com/threads/selecting-the-correct-speedo-driven-gear.501497/
  7. Very nice. I miss Germany. We were coming over for a river cruise but things all went to crap with covid.
  8. I have used Adams for several years. "Q" who used to be on here was a dealer and turned me on to it. We use most of the products on a regular basis and have only been disappointed in one or two that we bought on a whim. We have actually been buying most of the products in the 5 gallon size.(Detailer, Car wash, and Waterless wash) We like it that much. https://adamspolishes.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=5M-AdamsBrand-Exact&utm_adgroup=107744664196&utm_term=adam polishes&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-8zo79mx7AIVBa_ICh2OGAJ2EAAYASAAEgLWA_D_BwE I also poste
  9. I used a Ron Francis Harness and really like it. They will build whatever you want. Check them out or give them a call and tell them what you want to do. Very nice people. https://www.ronfrancis.com/ That being said we put a Painless in the 70 but we had bought a 50% off coupon from a silent auction at a car show. So price was the deciding factor on that one. It seemed like a nice harness as well.
  10. I don't think the question was if it was needed or not or if it was original or not. He asked what people have done with theirs. I agree anything will last forever if it just sits in a garage.
  11. Depends on what your end game is for the car. I seem sealed and bed lined the bottom of my car. It has held up very well for ten + years old. I drive my car and hate undercoating. My first thought around my area when I see a car with heavy undercoating is, I wonder what are they trying to hide. The worst case scenario is I get caught in the rain. So IMO undercoating was not needed. My buddy has a car that is painted base clear underneath. Looks fantastic but he has to keep it wiped down and waxed. More work than I'm into. My wife's car is chassis black underneath and gloss black engine bay.
  12. Sorry about my earlier answer I missed "timing numbers" I was giving you my Fuel settings
  13. http://429mustangcougarinfo.50megs.com/paint_info.htm
  14. Goes back to what I have said all along. "It's your car build it however you want" I can appreciate a concourse correct car but it really does nothing for me. But that being said I drive and enjoy my car in a different way that someone who takes the time to do a concourse restoration. To each his own. You know they say they are only original once, so once you change or restore anything the all original is out the window. Personally I don't have the patience to do a concourse restoration. this Mustang was at the 2019 Pigeon forge rod run. Absolutely beautiful car, but said he would not drive i
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