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  1. Tnfastbk

    Foam Gun

    That's why they are called opinions. If never washing your car works then why do you bring up about all of yours that have rusted into the ground? I'm pretty sure they were not being washed. I drive my cars, so therefore they get road grime built up on them. But by all means if not washing is working for you carry on.
  2. Not a ford but here you go https://blog.consumerguide.com/volkswagen-golf-harlequin/
  3. It was when I was not signed in at home but at work it was either time. Work has some crazy stuff so had not been on much at the house until lately. It works fine when I sign in. Sorry I think I may have jumped the gun by not signing in.
  4. I run the following with no issues. I had to run a bigger size to clear my brakes. As for the lugs they will be whatever size thread they are now. Whoever you buy the wheels from should recommend what is required length wise for each wheel. Here is a link on differences http://www.roadsters.com/wheels/#TT Front 17x8.5 4.5 bask space 245/45zr17 Rear 18x9.5 5.5 back space 275/40zr18
  5. I have an X pipe on mine (351C stroked to 408) and my wife has an H on hers(351W). Hers has a deeper sound than mine for sure. The best analogy I heard was H= Nascar X= Indy car
  6. Is there any way to permanently change the theme for me to the dark road? As now I seem to have to click on it each time.
  7. Hey I gave a link. Tell her to buy a Mustang and join up. LOL
  8. Tnfastbk

    Foam Gun

    Like I said it works "OK" Thats why I upgraded to the pressure washer one.
  9. If I was going to paint my car today it would be 2020 Ford Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat. Talk about a color that pops in the sun.
  10. Tnfastbk

    Foam Gun

  11. Just asking for a friend. Which car performs better and cheaper? As far as the shaker goes it was always an option and never standard. 2003/2004 model it was cosmetic only. It also disrupts air flow which is what the new model is all about. "It first appeared as an option on 1969 Mustangs as part of the R-code 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air engine package. On the September price schedule, a 428 CJ with the Ram Air setup cost $133.34 more than the Q-code, non-Ram Air 428CJ." Guess bottom line for me is if you don't like it don't buy it. If you have shopped for any new cars lately 50k is mid pack at best.
  12. Tnfastbk

    Foam Gun

    I have the one from "Adams". It works ok but the one that hooks to the pressure washer works much better.
  13. "What I do not like as much is under "Content" each topic appears over and over again as one scrolls down the page(s). Before, there was one topic heading and all the content and replies to that topic, were all under that heading. I just find it too much scrolling to find a particular post I wish to refer to. Again just my thoughts on that, others may love that part of it." I found that the case as well not signed in, but when I sign in I can click "condense" or "expand" Condensed takes it back to just the last past and the topic. Not looked again while being signed out. I wish we could set it to "dark" all the time signed in or not as default.
  14. I believe those are only available used. They have to be cut from your pans when replacing. Don should have used ones. You are talking about the ones that catch on the spring when installing the rear seat, correct?

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