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  1. Urethane vs. Butyl Windshield Adhesive: Don’t Compromise Your Safety « BackTeran Marsell | Published on January 13th, 2021 There are many factors at play when it comes to your vehicle’s safety – too many for the average car owner to be able to keep up with. Of course, you want to make sure that you and your family are safe… But if we are being realistic, we have no choice but to leave some of this to the mechanics and repair shops. And, when it comes to windshield replacement, safety is critical. Your windshield is what keeps you inside your vehicle in the event of a
  2. Welcome to the site. No matter what is "right" on your car or wrong, enjoy it that's what they are for.
  3. Its the ham that caused the hands..................................
  4. This is from the sniper manual. I have the MSD Atomic and its pretty much a self learning device. Each engine will act a little different. Make small adjustments and keep records of changes. If I remember correctly the higher the number the leaner it gets. Idle Air/Fuel Ratio – Typically between 13.5 and 15.0. Engines with larger cams may need a richer setting for smoothest idle. Cruise Air/Fuel Ratio – Typically between 13.5 and 15.5. Engines with larger cams may need a richer setting for smoothest operation. Wide Open Throttle Air/Fuel Ratio (WOT) – Typically bet
  5. I'm a lab employee. But I actually work at the Spallation Neutron Source.
  6. Here is a small article from twitter on "real world" applications that we do here. Researchers from ORNL and the University of Tennessee collaborated to perform lab-scale evaluations on the high early strength fiber-reinforced self-compacting concrete mix. Credit: University of Tennessee Previous Next
  7. I run a Edelbrock Airgap with my MSD Atomic set up with zero issues. When it was carbureted I had a single plane intake and a 750DP carb. Ran great at wide open throttle. But how often do you really drive wide open. Did I lose a little top end? MAYBE? The dual plane made it a lot easier to drive in traffic and picked up a ton on the low end. But each engine is different and like different things. Good luck.
  8. I use covercraft brand. They have held up well inside and out use. They make several to choose from that are fitted to our cars.
  9. Not sure if this has been posted before but interesting car
  10. All I have. I used one on my foundation and it worked very well but was definitely a color change so easier to see. https://support.wagnerspraytech.com/
  11. From their website thats all I see Video Transcript We're here with a Ram Air Kit for your '71 through '73 Mustang. The kit includes an original style Mustang ram air air cleaner box with the lid and a snorkel with the correct actuator. It includes the under hood plenum with the dual snorkels with the actuators already installed, as well as a seal that go from the air cleaner box to the plenum. All your vacuum lines are included, along with a vacuum diagram and all your installation hardware. Although we plan on a full installation of the ram air kit sometime
  12. 03 is definitely the code for a vert. 05 would be a mach 1. You need to do some digging on if that's the actual vin for the cat or the piece that it mounts to was replace from a vert. The vin is in a few spots on the car. Here is a video I did not watch it all but some information
  13. Could be heat soak or to much timing will cause a similar issue.
  14. I had KYB for years then when I switched to a coilover front suspension, I went Bilstein on all four corners. I have zero complaints with them.
  15. Not sure where the "old" facility is located as this one was established in the 40's. But would love to hear more history. This is a little history of the plant courtesy Wikipedia. History[edit] Workers in 1943 loading uranium slugs into the X-10 Graphite Reactor (now a National Historic Landmark) The city of Oak Ridge was established by the Army Corps of Engineers as part of the Clinton Engineer Works in 1942 on isolated farm land as part of the Manhattan Project.[15] During the war, advanced research for the government was managed at the site
  16. I have added a picture below of what 10 millionths looks like. That's pretty tight tolerances.
  17. Something they are doing here at work. Manufacturing – Quick cooling tooling ORNL researchers used gas metal arc welding additive technology to print the die for a B-pillar or vertical roof support structure for a sport utility vehicle, demonstrating a
  18. No sir Front 4.5 Back spacing with 245/45 ZR17 Rear 5.5 Back spacing with 275/40ZR18 I now have coilovers but had stock front suspension for many years running same combo from the start.
  19. Found this on a search for knock at idle. Interesting theory if nothing else. Sounds like a rod knock. Disable one cylinder at a time by disconnecting a plug wire or fuel injector to isolate which cylinder it is. dishdude
  20. Not sure if this story has been on here before or not. https://driving.ca/ford/auto-news/news/restored-1971-mustang-ruined-20-minutes-before-being-delivered-to-new-owner
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