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  1. hi, anybody know how to tell if my transmission is the original, it should have c6 cruise o matic from the factory. is there a serial number on the transmission?
  2. hi i have a 73 mach I and was wondering how hard it would be to install twist style hood pins, it is not fitted with these originally has anyone here done this? any advice would be great.
  3. hi guys, i have a gearbox leak and a oil leak, i need a front and rear crankshaft seal for the oil leak and and the gearbox leak is coming from the gear selector, i need that seal too. i am from Ireland so can't pop down the local parts shop for them, where can i get them
  4. hi i have a 73 mach 1 how do i tell what transmission its got, dont know if its got the FMX or a different one any help would be great
  5. pm me a price for full centre console and mabey some pics
  6. hi welcome from Ireland ::welcome:: cool car
  7. no not warm not where im from I have another car for work i only drive this car sometimes for a bit of fun at the weekend and can get any parts i need from the car club im with
  8. I was bringing my car back after getting new brakes on and was crusing at fifty then the car loses power and starts to cut out it starts up straight away again this happens a couple more times until go very far after been started any ideas
  9. If only one cylinder shows low on dry and normal on wet, you can try soaking in trans fluid for a few days... remove spark plug, pour about a 1/2 cup of trans fluid in and replace plug, after time has eloted remove plug and turn engine over with coil wire off to blow out excess fluid and replace plug and start the engine, recheck compression. sometimes it is just stuck rings from carbon build up, or sitting for a while. Is there blow by present when you remove the pcv valve? I haven't removed the pcv valve but the car is in the shop getting new brakes and have a new pcv valve bought
  10. well i only have the car a couple of months says their is 28400 on the clock but dont know hoe accurate that is
  11. hi guys there is oil coming from my breather cap and i dont know if it's the seals or worn rings
  12. Hi just want to know if you can get stock guages for a 73 mach 1. guy I bought the car off has aftermarket gushed in would prefer original
  13. think i'll put the electric pump in
  14. not adding any turbo or anything its just so the car starts first time everytime which one would be best? This should work fine and it is cheap. It is the same pump as the Holley "red" pump. Is there some reason you don't want to use a mechanical style pump? Chuck well i keep my car in a garage and somebody told me that the heat in the garage evaporates the gas used to start the car and mechanical pump takes longer to start the car. usually takes 4 or 5 attempts to start
  15. not adding any turbo or anything its just so the car starts first time everytime which one would be best?
  16. hi im looking to buy an electric fuel pump for my 73 mach 1
  17. welcome to the site::welcome::
  18. hi, looking to buy the clips to attach the front grill mouldings to the car
  19. as far as i know the engine is all original no modifacations not sure what the rear end ratio is but the car is auto 351 2v
  20. hi guys just want to know what is the best wat to improve preformance on my 73 mack 1 it dosen't need to be a rocket but a little extra power would be nice any ideas?
  21. Hi i want to chang the pcv valve on my 1973 mach 1 anybody know where it is? and how difficult it is to change
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