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  1. Got the check yesterday and brought half of it to the body shop. I referred my body guy to Don at Ohio and hope he can get the parts needed. Don took care of me when his drop shipper screwed up (not Don's fault, but he took care of it). So, I thought I'd try to send him more business on this major job.
  2. Well, the appraisal came back. I am extremely happy! They have cut a check and the repair work is starting. They left no stone unturned when it came to fixes on the car and the appraiser was detailed to the nuts and bolts. I talked to my body shop and I am going to get a better car back then when it went in. If you don't have Hagerty's and are thinking of changing, do it. With my road side assistance I used 3 weeks ago to this...it has been grade A!!! And they are always extremely nice too!
  3. Thanks for all the support and kind words guys. The appraiser saw the car on Thursday, So all I am waiting on now is to hear from the insurance company about the next step. I will definitely keep y'all updated through every step of the process. What kills me is that this upcoming weekend we have a Dukes of Hazard reunion/car show. My car was going to be in it. It will have all of the original actors from the original show and one of the original Gen. Lee's will be there. Oh well, that's life I guess.
  4. Oh, I was angry when it happened but hey, I also realize accidents happen. In the past I usually drove it onto the lift. Honestly, I can't say why I didn't do it this time. I have used this shop for 8 years, mostly for new exhaust systems. They have always done good work and are nice. They are all Vietnamese. The guy that drove it up looked to be in his 60s and doesn't speak English. So, no use getting on him. I am sure he was traumatized himself as well as the guy in front of the car directing him onto the lift. He dove out of the way, thank God. Here in Louisiana we have radically different law then the rest of the country, we are napoleanic code. But, ultimately, it will be Hagertys' job to redeem their loss. She did tell me that my premiums will NOT go up. I brought it back to the shop that painted it and they were just as crushed as I was. However, they know the car inside and out and they do a lot of work on classic cars, so she is in good hands. While I was typing this, the appraiser Hagherty contracted just called me. He is going to look at the car today. I talked to him for a bit and found out he used to own a 69 fastback, a 71 Mustang, and has a 32 "Duece". So, I am thrilled. He knows these cars well and knows the value of them and will probably give me a great appraisal (fingers crossed). So, no newbie who doesn't know classics. This is a great step in a great direction.
  5. I don't have any carnage pics just pics I took while they weren't looking of them trying to get the car back on the lift in case they try to give my insurance company grief. I wanted documented proof since the only witnesses were me and the people who worked their. It is going to need another hood, grill, headlight mounts, bezels, bumpers, possible fenders, cowl, etc. I know it will get fixed, but the weather is starting to turn nice, car shows are starting, so its just a major pain in the a$$ and a big dissapointment.
  6. Many of y'all have seen my 71 Mach 1. It is the one that I just got painted that is that awesome yellow color with the matte black stripes and matte black hood. Well, I have only had it back from the paint and body shop about a month. I have been working on it quite a bit modifying this and modifying that. I was noticing that it was pulling to the right a bit so I decided to take it to a local shop to get it aligned. When the guy at the shop was driving it up one to the lift instead of hitting the break, he somehow slammed on the gas. To my horror, I watch the car do a burnout on the lift and ramp over the stops on the front of the lift and crash nose first into a pipe bending machine that bends pipes for mufflers. Needless to say, the front end of the car was smashed up fairly bad. I was able to drive it to my body shop that was only a few miles away. I have full coverage with Hagerty insurance, and called them to make a claim on it. They are going to pay to have the car totally fixed and then they go after the car shop that caused the damage to get their money back. I will let y'all know how Hagerty does. Because, I know some people have asked questions about Hagerty in the past. Needless to say, I was quite upset and am going not going to have my car for several months now. Oh and one other thing. The front stops on the lift stick up a good foot and a half. The fenders behind the tires came down on those stops and it pushed the fenders up into the car.
  7. It will go 26". Here is a pic of my TR6 on it raised around 22". http://s974.photobucket.com/albums/ae223/perfdavid/?action=view&current=787D9651.jpg
  8. Well, after 3 days of no electricity, thanks to Isaac, its back to working on the car. I have had people ask me about this lift when I posted my Triumph on it. Here is a pic of the Mach 1 On the EZ car lift. I don't have it even remotely raised to its Maximum height. Just enough to get the protorque starter off And replaced with another one. I love this lift and it gives me Much more peace of mind then just jack stands http://s974.photobucket.com/albums/ae223/perfdavid/?action=view&current=67600DA0.jpg
  9. It has the 351W in it. He bought it as a desert car in Vegas and had it shipped. It was painted red. To get it back to the original acrylic He just sandblasted the paint off in his back yard. He rebuilt the engine and designed his own air compressor system To lift the doors. It has been a 2 year project and he still has a few minor Things to do to it. He especially loves it when people ask where is the flux capacitor. He loves it like A hemorrhoid
  10. Funny thing is, my friend who owns it is from Virginia as well, and when he saw one there as a kid, he knew he had to have one. Also, the only place you can get parts is from Virginia. A former engineer for Bricklin owns and runs the shop. The color is actually not paint but impregnated into the fiberglass. As far as engineering is concerned, they are horrible, but only about 2000 cars still exist.
  11. I posted on the aesthetics thread my new paint job. My buddy has a Bricklin SV1 so we went down the street from our homes to the LSU lakes and took a few pics. Here are a few of them. Not many people get to see Bricklins. Thought I would share. Oh, and talk about turning heads? This street is the main drag for all of the 18-21 year old girls who jog around the lakes. Too bad they didn't care about them and it was all of the 19-21 year old guys who stopped to check them out.
  12. Hard to tell in your pic because I am not sure if that is fresh paint, but did you go gloss on the black?
  13. Thanks guys. As far as offers, none yet, but as I like to say, everything I own is for sale, just depends on what your offer is ;)
  14. Several of ya'll saw some minor progress in the past few months, well here she is finally finished
  15. There won't be Much work I need to do. The wholei interior is out because they're replacing the floor pans. But I brought it to them with the interior mint and they promise it will be back the same way.
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