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  1. My dad and I bought my 72 Grande from my Aunt, who bought it new in 72. That was in 1991. We gave it some love, new paint and I still have it. I guess you fall in love with your first car, because I still love the body lines on the coupe. This one will be my daughters car when she is ready. My dad also found a 73 fastback for my brother that had been wrecked and we restored it together. It was nothing but car and an engine. No A/C/, no PS....bare bones car.....but it sure looked good when it was done. That was a good time. After we painted it, my best friend and I took it on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, Utah, Colorado, and back to NM during college break. My brother was still in high school....and was a few months out from getting his drivers license. I still give him hell about taking his car out on the maiden voyage!
  2. Welcome from Texas cuz! You will probably be done with her before I get mine done at the pace I am going.
  3. Welcome from Texas! That looks like a fun project. Nice Flag!!
  4. I know that this is an older thread. However, I just called Fasco to order Flexo #12 and they have discontinued this product. Figured I would pass on the information.
  5. Welcome from Texas!!::welcome::
  6. Welcome to the site. You will find ton's of good information and fellow enthusiasts!!
  7. That is where I will send any of mine in the future. It made all the difference in the world on my 75 F100 4x4. My brother in law also got one rebuild for his 97 F250, and my dad had one rebuilt for his Kenworth. Great group of guys and quality work.
  8. Welcome from Central Texas. Great looking car. ::welcome::
  9. I have had several steering gears rebuilt by Redhead steering gears. They do a terrific job. Go to their website and check out their re-manufacture process. Here is a quote from their site "Probably the most unique and important thing we do is custom fit every single worm and piston assembly with new precision fit steel balls. This is a process not matched by any other company in the industry. This process is very important. The machining tolerances of the original manufacturing leave a small and varying amount of play that can be corrected in no other way." They had great turnaround time, and were a pleasure to deal with. http://www.redheadsteeringgears.com/
  10. Welcome from Texas. Nice looking Stang!!
  11. Welcome from Central Texas! Good luck with the Build.
  12. I am an Accountant that provides audits for small hospitals. We also provide reimbursement consulting and cost reports (Medicare/Medicaid). Most of our facilities are under 100 bed. I still get to travel the backroads of Texas/Oklahoma/New Mexico and look for hidden gems in the barns. If I only had more money to buy em'!
  13. My concealed carry is either my Colt Defender, or my Combat Comander....depending on what I am wearing that day. I will definately take one if the offer still stands!!
  14. Welcome from Central Texas!
  15. Thanks for all the warm welcomes. I have mustang overload from looking at all the threads and pictures. You guys have some really awesome stangs! I feel humbled by my little project.
  16. The 331 is a "stroked" 302. The engine is a 5.0L (302) out of a 91 mustang. So at the end of the day, it will be a fuel injected 331 stroker. Since my brother in law has all the parts needed, we are going to convert it. He has been building 5.0L mustangs for years, so I know I will be getting a quality build. After I get the Cleveland pulled, I am going to build it up and put the Aussie heads on it for my other project. That one will be alot of fun to build. I had some reservations about switching motors, since I have always loved the Clevelands. However, this will be the Wife's and Daughter's car at the end of the day, so it will be nice having a turn key, fuel injected, disc brake car.
  17. My brother also has a white 73 fastback. I called him and told him he needs to register.
  18. Howdy from China Spring, TX. I am glad to find this website of other enthusiasts of a very misunderstood mustang. I have two mustangs, both 72 Grande's. One, (red & white top) was originally purchased by my aunt, which I purchased from her as my first car and drove throughout high school. After HS, I was looking for parts, and came accross another 72 that only had 39k miles on it so I bought it. Only problem (to me anyway) was that is was gold with ginger interior. I am in the process of restoring the gold 72 right now. I would post pics but, she is in the shop getting prepped for paint. I am converting the color to a chrysler platinum silver metallic....which is very similar to the pewter...but has a little corser metallic flake. It will also have a mach 1 side stripe when done. No badging....just the stripe. The Ginger interior is being changed to Black. I am putting in the mach 1 style seats with gray accent. I am also adding a chin spoiler, and replacing the rear valance with the dual exhaust cutouts. Rims will be either Magnum 500....or Torq Thrust M...or something similar. I am still conflicted on this part. Finally, the 351c will be replaced with a 350hp 331 and AOD. I am going to keep the 351c and rebuild as I get more money. I know this might be sacrilge....but I have access to the "free" 331, AOD and all necessary wiring, etc from my brother in law, as he is upgrading his 91 mustang with a supercharged 347 stroker. The 331 doesn't even have 5k miles on it. Again....glad to be here and I will post pictures when she gets back from shop. Thomas
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