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  1. I still have my collection of vinyl records that i listen to, can't beat the sound of the crackles and pops...damn i'm old
  2. welcome from arkansas Great car can't wait to see it finished
  3. You gotta keep us posted on the progress of custom molded tail lights...you may be on to something good
  4. Welcome from Arkansas, glad to have you on this site.
  5. Hi dave, glad to have you in the circle. Nice car I really like it
  6. Welcome to the site. I hope to see some progress pics
  7. Sign me up for sure. I built and raced my own 1911. It is a caspian frame and slide, barstow barrel, king trigger, S&A mag well, bo-mar sights, hogue rubber palm swell grips, and the rest is all wilson including the dual port comp. And she will stack em in the same hole every time. Also have a S&W 25-2 in 45acp and many more of various calibers. Do I qualify as a gun lover?...lol
  8. Thanks...I am extremely happy to have found this site Don's got you covered. By the way - WELCOME. Glad to have your here with us. Thanks for the welcome...glad to be here
  9. Don I have a 71 convertible that is rusted pretty bad but it is an original numbers matching car and I really want to save her. The car needs towers and rails. I restore old cars for a living so this is going to be a slow process do to overwhelming amounts of work but it will happen.
  10. Does anyone know where to get replacement front frame rails?
  11. 71 f code C4 red with black interior. just acquired the car so still in restoration process. It has the mach1 style hood, deluxe interior, and grande package.
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