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  1. i really like the milodon crush proof gaskets for the 351c. much better then the cork fel pros. about 20.00 on summit racing. i used them on mine, and it has never leaked. i used a little bit of the "right stuff", not a lot! on the block side. also I have studs instead of bolts which help out a lot and i would really recommend.
  2. just converted mines to manual... love it way more. but i do more strip than street. all you need is a manual steering box with the matching pitman arm, and your done! very easy swap
  3. I agree with xoliex. If you have the funds put the calvert suspension stuff on, they will put every single horsepower you make to the ground. If you want to hook up on the street get the micky tompson street radials or the BFg g force radial. Again the are like 200 a piece but they hook!! Radial ta's that I had never hooked even with a weak and worn out 351c. As matter of fact yesterday at an event in Georgia a mustang ran 4.11 @ 193 in the 1/8 witha m/t 275 drag radial.
  4. I have go two converters for a C6. ones a nearly new hughes 2300-2500 stall, and the other is a brand new 3000-3200 stall 10 inch converter. if you are running a c4 or fmx you just need a spline adaptor (50.00) then you can run these. but i can cut you a good deal if interested.
  5. If any of you guys are a fan of the show "street outlaws" on discovery. This car will be taking on big chiefs gto on May 10th at Kansas dragway. Just an FYI
  6. i guess 375.00 being lucky! you never know though... maybe someone needs a set of heads asap.
  7. i have read to not use modified heads, there is a big difference in the ex. port form the 2v head from the modified head. as stated above, if you are doing a 408 stroker what not put some 4v's or some good alloy heads at least? wouldn't make sense to build a sweet bottom end that can take a beating and top it off with a weak top end package... In my opinion.
  8. i have d1ae GA 4v heads that had the little dimple above the 4. most of the time they are open chamber though. you'll just have to get under the car and find the numbers for yourself.
  9. I have got one nearly brand new I'll sell you for cheap. It's a Hughes street master 2300-2500 stall. Let me know if your interested. If you plan on highway driving a lot I'd stay under 3000 stall personally. Never mind, it's for a c6 not an fmx
  10. There are tons of online calculators about finding gear ratios an rpms. I like to use the summit version http://www.summitracing.com/expertadviceandnews/calcsandtools/gear-ratio-calculator Just plug in tire size an desired gear ratio and you can find what rpms you'll most likely be at. To pull out a pumpkin you have to Jack car up Pull tires off Pull axles out Disconnect drive shaft from the pumpkin Unbolt the pumpkin and make sure you have a drain pan nearby
  11. Gears forsure. i went from a 2.75 to a 3.89 and it was a world of difference! a little stall converter would help as well.
  12. Well if you have a stock height hood, that limits your height selection. I loved my 2 inch spacer on my torker intake, but 1 inch would have worked too. I have never tried aluminum or wood spacers as well, only plastic. You will most likely have to jet up just a little. Spacers react different to every motor, it's a gamble to see whats best. I'm going to be testing a hvh supersucker and a Wilson this year at the track.
  13. Single plane intakes love 4 hole spacers to help the bottom end. I have had great luck using 4 hole spacers on single plane intakes
  14. Haven't tried yet, Motor is almost finished. It should hook great, I have never heared anything bad about calvert performance. I'll be sure to post results after testing.
  15. There is seriously somthing wrong with this dude in the head. (In a good way)
  16. Pic #1 Pic #2 as you can see I'm goin to have to modify the subframe connector a bit so I can use the top hole on the caltracs.
  17. yes thats one down side i had just like xoliex. i needed to massage the subframe connector a bit so i can put the caltracs in the top hole, but for the bottom hole they are fine. still trying to upload pics.
  18. i just installed my caltracs with global west subframe connectors yesterday! i think the tinman ones will interfere, but not 100% sure. i can snap a few shots if you'd like.
  19. Yes they will bolt right on.... I believe that all h code engines were 2v headed engines. The q codes were cobra jets with 4v heads from the factory. I own a h code, my block was stamped with D2AE CA, it was a 2 bolt though.
  20. I am in search of a 351c front timing cover, in good useable condition. let me know what you got! thanks
  21. You just pretty much take the cap off, take the points and condenser out then screw on the new unit. And wire it to the coil. Done
  22. I used the crane xri kit. It has a built in rev limiter that can be adjusted unlike the igniter and igniter 2. I had no problems, just make sure you get a good 12 v source and coil. I'll sell you it if interested, I went full msd for my new setup. Used it only for about 6 months.
  23. "Setup for a BBC!" some buy that before its ruined!!!!
  24. thought my ticket was for saturday, only to find out that today is the last day lol.
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