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  1. These came with my Wilwood 140-12945-D kit but I decided to use slotted-only rotores instead of drilled/slotted rotors. https://www.wilwood.com/Rotors/RotorProd?itemno=160-7104-BK https://www.wilwood.com/Rotors/RotorProd?itemno=160-7103-BK Asking $260 for both.
  2. I recently replaced my whole front suspension so I am selling the stock and upgraded pieces that I have. Right now I would like to sell it all as a kit. I have: 1" sway bar with links and hardware Roller perches from Daze Cars (https://www.dazecars.com/dazed/Testroller.html) - were $200 new Clevis type adjustable strut rods made by Tracy Blackford at Pacific Thunder Performance (no longer in business) - were $250 new Stock UCA and LCA. The thread on one of the LCA's strut rod got damaged during disassembly. Stock springs with seats KYB Gas-adjust shocks Includes the installation hardware pictured. Items 1 through 4 have no more than 5,000 miles. The springs and shocks (items 5 and 6) came with the car so I don't know how old they are. The whole system was working very well. I just replaced with a coilover suspension kit. Price for all: $350 OBO + shipping (I calculate that shipping should be around $170) Send me a PM with an offer if interested.
  3. I am selling the A/C system that I removed from my car. It includes: Ducts behind the dash, except defroster duct. Also, not including the registers. Evaporator box with blower motor and vacuum actuators. The evaporator should be flushed since it is likely to have debris. All the actuators are in working condition. Expansion valve and hoses. These should be flushed. Also, they were cut to fit a Sanden compressor, not York. Water heater valve. Center console A/C controls w/ wire harness. Vacuum lines. York compressor, not working, for parts only. Includes clutch. This is heavy so if shipping you may not want this. Condenser. I removed the drier since this should be added new. All was working until the compressor blew up due to high RPMs, so that's why the compressor is for parts only. I flushed the condenser and it flows, but either the evaporator or expansion valves are clogged. These need to be flushed or replaced. The hoses are cut to fit a Sanden compressor so it may not necessarily fit the location of the original York compressor. The system is in decent condition but obviously there are a lot of cosmetic issues due to the years of use and paint from previous restorations. I will be more than happy to answer specific questions or provide close-up pictures. Asking: $550 (Edit: now $350) plus shipping. This is the dash duct, not including the defroster ducting. The joints have tape residue that was used to seal them. This picture shows the hoses connected to the Sanden compressor. The Sanden compressor is not including here, only the old York for parts: This picture shows the tubing end of the hoses connected to the condenser (the drier is not part of the deal since you should install with a new one):
  4. I used these for about 4 years. Last year I added speakers to the doors and a subwoofer so I don't need these anymore. They fit in the dash factory location by drilling two extra holes on the grill that are not seen once the dashpad is placed over. They are definitely an improvement over the factory dash speakers. The bass is nothing special compared to door speakers or subwoofer, but if you want to keep the OEM look these are definitely an improvement. They are in great condition. Asking $30 + shipping From Retrosound's page: https://www.retromanufacturing.com/collections/dash-speakers/products/5x7-inch-ultra-thin-dash-replacement-speaker?variant=31329869390 This RetroSound® Triax™ dual voice coil dash speaker gives you a stereo mix from your single dash speaker location. It uses a Neodymium magnet structure for high power handling in a slim-mount design. A Santoprene® surround delivers the most natural sound possible with no distortion. Dual mylar tweeters produce crisp, clear highs.
  5. Pulled from my 1971 Mach 1 w/full console. The two slides need restoration (or some JB Weld), but can be installed as is and the ash tray lid will slide smoothly. Price is $45 + shipping from 94506. Thanks for looking, Nick
  6. This center gauge cluster was working when we pulled it from our 1971 Mach 1 about a year ago. I have no reason to believe that it's not still working (stored in cabinet in a dry garage). Includes the harness and bulbs. The price is $150 + shipping from 94506. Thanks for looking, Nick
  7. Want to find this little guy a good home before it gets any garage-rash. It has been epoxy primer and painted satin black. Price is $35 + shipping from 94506. Thanks for looking, Nick
  8. Returning car to stock. Looking to find this intake a good home. Shipping calculated from 94506.
  9. This was never installed, but has a little garage-rash (you can see it in the pictures). Hoping to find it a good home. Price: $20 + shipping from 94506.
  10. Parting out a whole car. Let me know what you need. Car is in rough shape but lots of good parts. Has a complete power window setup. Would like to sell that as a whole package glass and all.. car has no mirrors. Thanks Please email me at ruskiem44@gmail.com with all inquiries. My messages fill up too fast on here. Thanks
  11. I have a nice map light for sale asking 125 shipped please send a pm for more info and pics. Thanks
  12. Hi I have a ram air air cleaner orignal ford. The base,lid,and snorkel. The base does have rust on bottom. No holes. I have many more pictures avaiable if interested. PM me. Item in CT. Thanks
  13. 73 white bumper and maybe some brackets if still useful. Also have a new 1971-72 front windshield for hardtop or convertible. Shoot me a price at 9124012067 located at savannah ga
  14. Looking like I am going to end up with a ROUGH 72’ green on green sportsroof. It took a hard hit on the front drivers side, then while being stored a storm blew over a tree onto it crushing the roof. If you plan on passing by far Northern California get in touch. Interior is in horrific condition as it has been open to the elements for over two decades. Some glass and other bits are good. Anything sportsroof specific I’d be happy to sell or donate- as my car is a coupe. Once I get it home and cleaned out a bit I‘ll post pics and prices. Prices will be low, but I really don’t want to deal with packing and shipping anything larger than a bankers box. Local pickup encouraged.
  15. This is a cast aluminum York compressor ET210L built in 2000. It came with my car but it broke due to high RPM use so it should be considered for part or as a core. Includes clutch, pulley and valve connector. The clutch is in working condition. $50 + shipping
  16. These are the quarter windows bracket from my Mach 1. I replaced them with a roll down bracket. This is in great shape with some surface rust. $40 (OBO) + shipping
  17. This is the distribution valve that came with my car. It was recently rebuilt with the Musclecar Research Kit. The proportional valve spring has been removed since I was using an external adjustable proportional valve. The spring and bushings are in the separate bag. One stud is broken so it would need to be welded. I used it like this with no problem though. $15 + shipping
  18. I bought this off eBay a couple weeks ago to use it for mock up. Gauges seem to be in very good cosmetic shape, no oxidation on the face. I went a different route for my gauges and it’s time to sell this. It was listed as working, but I have no way to prove that. Notice the one cracked mounting ear, comes with new lenses shown - not installed. $130 plus shipping (probably a medium USPS flat rate box). Message me if interested. Thanks - Peter
  19. SOLD SOLD WILL TRY TO FIND MORE. I got a couple of the Left Hand trunk springs that are needed on a coupe, Grande or convertible when you add the rear spoiler. They are standard on Cougar but never were on coupe, Grande or vert mustang from factory since the did not get spoiler. So if you have a spoiler and need the extra spring I have two of them for sale, price is $60.00 each plus shipping. I am located in western North Carolina. Not difficult to add I have some pics I need to upload on how to put the spring back in safely and not loose a hand. PM to get in touch.
  20. Seemed like there was some interest in these so I figured I’d put some up for sale. They start out life as 2.5” OD .035” wall 6061 T6 aluminum tube. I’m offering the uncut “blanks” for you to finish how you wish. They are 1 3/32” deep, 2 1/2” in diameter and the hole for the gauge is 2 3/32” in diameter. They are not finished, but have been scrubbed with scotchbrite. Note they all have 3 marred spots from where the jaws of the chuck. You can see this in the photo with the steel ruler (look next to the ruler). The spots can be sanded out if you wish. Flip them around however you wish, they can be used as a shade or “eyebrow” to keep your gauge from causing glare at night. With them faced the other way you can contour them to fit whatever surface you wish to put an aftermarket gauge in. I did this for my center console and I’ll post a pic below. What they ultimately look like in the end is up to you. They cut and form easily. I suggest making a paper template, and cutting with your favorite rotary tool. Brushed finish- polish- paint to your tastes. For a custom profile I suggest taking a 1 3/32” wide strip of paper 8” long, folding it in half and cutting it to your desired shape. Unfold it and wrap it around the pod to see if you like it. $20 each plus $8 shipping for a small USPS flat rate box (up to 6 fit). Ships out of California. PM me if you want some.
  21. I have recently made a purchase that came with tons of nos parts and some aftermarket For 71-73 Mach 1 and some other models. There are too much to list currently but I am going through and making an inventory. I live in Alaska so will all be smaller items to ship. I’ll give a few examples below but please message me or email me trevyndays@hotmail.com im really hoping to help out fellow 7173 lovers and enthusiasts. I have some rare parts that would really help give the final touches on your concourse restorations.
  22. Set of four 73 hubcaps in good condition. There are a couple of spots where the black paint is wearing thin. They’re dirty, but I spent 10 minutes with a toothbrush, rag, and Simple Green on one of them and it cleaned up nice (bottom right). See photos. $50 Seattle area pick up only. Thanks for looking.
  23. Set of four American Racing 14 x 7 coke bottle wheels with tires that look to have 90 to 95% tread. These are great wheels and tires. I only took them off of my car to replace them with a different style. $250 In North Seattle pick up only. Thanks for looking.
  24. I had this for 40 yrs and its time to find it a new home. Ford fuel system tester which also tests IVR. A friend used is a couple years ago tot test his 72 Mach sending unit and fuel gauge. $20 plus shipping. Pkg wgt is 11oz, 9"x4.5"x5". I'll need complete address to calculate shipping cost from zip 14224. Contact me thru forum PM or at Fd73ragtop@aol.com
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