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Found 1 result

  1. With my new engine combination I needed some more clearance for my air cleaner because of the taller Blue Thunder intake manifold. I was not about to cut up my original air cleaner so I purchased this Dynacorn replica to do the cutting on. I figured with some work I could pass it off as original and most people would be none the wiser. After receiving it I thought I would post up a review as when I was researching this air cleaner there was no significant detailed reviews or pictures. Not sure exactly where a post like this should really go so I decided to place it into the product reviews. I hope this helps people in the future when they decide to make a informed purchase, or see one installed on a car at a show. Hopefully the owner does not try to pass one off an a true original. First impression is that it is not too bad of a reproduction, but it lacks some quite important details that make it easy to identify vs an original. I'll try and describe differences picture by picture. Hopefully my pictures are clear enough. Photobucket was being a pain as usual with flipping some pictures so bear with me. New black parts vs my original Blue ones. Note the metal bracket to the left that retains the vacuum lines going to the snorkel actuator and from the temp sensor to intake vacuum tree. Not sure if my air cleaner got crunched a bit on the 5:00 position. the metal there is very firm so I'd think the damage would be more extensive if it was truly smashed. Note the crinkles in the steel around the perimeter of the carb inlet. Note the carb inlet area is completely smooth. Also the locating tangs are not as precise as the original allowing the air cleaner to be rotated several degrees more vs the original when it is installed. Note the missing bracket to the left. This is one that I removed from another air cleaner that I will be welding onto this one when all my modifications are complete. The original air cleaner has this notch at the very front. The repo does not have the notch. The snorkels seem a close match at first. My original is slightly longer and has a bit that angles it down away from the hood. The Repo is a tad shorter and it's oriented to come straight 90deg out of the side of the mounting surface. The original outer lip has some larger but stubby tangs that are visible. The repo does not. The outer flared lip is much more precise on the original than the repo. The repo has some parts that do not even line up. The original flapper closes up tight. The repo has a big gaps and is generally lousy in execution. Air cleaner lid new vs old. I do not know where they got the drawings for this repo part but it is contoured quite a bit differently than the original. The original has detents for the washered wing nut to mate with to resist loosening. Repo is smooth at the center hole. Left is a totally original snorkel vacuum pot. Middle is a repo vacuum pot that I purchased back in 2002 when I restored my original parts. Right is the unit that Dynacorn had installed in the snorkel when I received it. Note the Dynacorn unit on the left is not correct. They installed this repo vacuum pot that is supposed to fit into the right flapper door in the hood plenum. It "worked" for the snorkel but was not centered in the correct orientation. Looked shady. Note the hook styles from the original on the left, repo 1, and the not really correct unit one the right.

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