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  1. Have four 2.25" clamps and two hangers. New with surface rust. Clamps stamped FoMoCo. Free shipping to lower 48 contiguous states . mike
  2. Hey guys, I have a very workable driver side front fender. It was originally off my Mach1 and has mostly original paint and no apparent rust through or substantial repairs. It is on a first come first served as per pay it forward guidelines. I also have both sides original doors with bottom rust but complete, skins area okay. I will not ship so will need to be picked up. PM me if interested. Thanks, Jay
  3. Anyone who needs this stuff is welcome to email me and come get it. I'm not going to ship anything, so if you're in the area and need/want it: Set of 4 stock steel wheels with good tires. One was low on air, but I'm sure these would be great rollers or if someone needs the wheels. Set of 4 72/73 hubcaps Stock grille, off a 62K mile car I'll also be pulling a good working FMX which will also be added to the pile. In the next 3 weeks I'll have a nice stock hood with NO rust. Next month I'll be swapping the rear guts, so there will be stock 9" 3rd member (2.75), axles, and an FMX driveshaft available. Just putting this out there in case someone needs something!
  4. Free - you pay shipping - should fit in a medium flat rate box. Passenger side spring plate - with recovery eye welded on. It is Powdercoated satin black and is in good shape. I don't need it anymore since I went with a panhard bar.
  5. Just pay shipping of $7 within the contiguous United States. Just needs a cleaning. It is not warped or damaged.
  6. I replaced my door panels and was getting ready to toss the old ones. I don't know why anyone would want them but thought I'd ask first
  7. Offered for free are my original front and rear valance off of my 73 Convertible. When prepping for body work and paint I ordered new valances thinking that would be easier than having the body shop take care of a few dents in them. Once I delivered the car to the body shop they said they were no problem to repair, but I already had the new pieces. The front valance has the original factory holes for the 73 Decor group trim pieces. Both pieces have the Decor Black accent paint. No rust through on these pieces as the car was Ziebarted in 1974. Some minor surface rust on the back side (see pics) Local pickup in Warrenton Virginia only or I can drop off at a UPS Packaging store and you pay for packing and shipping costs. Preference given to local pickup. https://warrenton-va-6028.theupsstorelocal.com/
  8. Brand new passenger side mirror housing. I bought it to have installed when the car was painted, but the shop forgot and painted the old one , so I took the new mirror unit out of this housing and installed it in the original housing. No mounting screws or gasket, but the old mirror is yours if you need it. The mirror is in good shape, but does have light scratches. Check the picture- you will see that one of the bushings is missing on the mirror. Yes, it "floats" - that's why I changed it. Just trying to be transparent.:D Bought from Mustangs Unlimited :https://www.mustangsunlimited.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=RM71R+01 Yours for the shipping cost. Ships from 30024. Butch
  9. Have a rebuilt torque convertor for a ford transmission. It came with a car I bought with a c4 trans. I know nothing about the part, text me if you want it 347-770-4983 Alex
  10. Fellow Enthusiasts- I found a couple errant purchases lingering on the rack- time for them to find folks who can use them! New in box master cylinder for power brake setup. I purchased from Mustangs Unlimited and ran into the conundrum of the ages with all the differing thread combinations that can be found when sourcing the "correct" year specific unit. After several attempts, I just succumbed and changed out the tube fitting to match the threads. This unit has had fluid in it, but was never in service on the vehicle. Mustangs won't take anything back that's been "used" so it's been on the shelf for a few months. Free to anyone who wants it- just pay for shipping. McGuard lock nuts - New, never out of the blister pack. Bought them when we ordered the wheels, then they came with a set. Again- free to you with paid shipping. Merry Christmas to all in 71-73 Land! Butch
  11. Any one need rear carpeting? Don't need these and hate to throw these out . These were given to me ... Carpet #1 Carpet #2
  12. I have my Blue Dash Pad, it was recovered a few years back , and it has a crack in it, but other than that its in Great shape for a Driver quality. Its Free + shipping to your Zip code. PM me if interested you just Pay shipping
  13. I don't need these anymore - they're ugly and in the way of everything. Pans have been patched over by an amateur and the torque boxes have been cut out, but someone may be able to make use of the partially-intact seat risers (Sportsroof/Mach 1 style), rockers, or whatnot from them. I will NOT cut anything out from these. It's all or nothing. Local pick-up only (Miami, Florida). -Kurt
  14. This one http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Led_Zeppelin_DVD 2 DVDs, very good condition and complete with the 2 booklets, region code 1, therefore not usable for us in Europe... ;) Will send to a happy Zep-fan for shipping. Tim
  15. This is from eBay, was on the car less than 200 miles. I put the sport mirrors on and don't need this anymore.... This came with the car, but I've bought the longer console. Looks original to me, but I truly have no idea. Has a few burn scars (electrical? smoker? pyromaniac?). Functional ashtray. It's rough, but if you need it or think you can sell it, more power to you. Cover actual shipping and they are yours. I don't have any of the hardware or the mirror gasket.....
  16. All, I have a pair of MOOG-K8123 Front Lower Control Arm and Ball Joints that have approximately 500 miles or less on them. I swapped them out for a set of TCP lower control arms. They will have all of the hardware with them. Just pay for shipping and they are yours! mustang7173 :D
  17. free stock intake manifold 351C-4V. just pay for shipping and it is all yours.
  18. GOOD USED 2 SPOKE FORD OEM CENTER PAD BLACK CLEAN NO CRACKS SCRAPES OR SPLITS MUSTANG AND OTHERS. soft. Will cost 10-15 to ship. PM me with you interest and zip code
  19. This is a filler neck from a 1972 mustang fastback. Fits all 71-73 mustangs. Used good condition. Will cost 10-15 to ship.PM me with interest and zip I'll let u know what shipping would be. Jenny
  20. I have 3 of these (this is not a picture of them, I grabbed this one from the net). 2 are fair and would clean up to driver status 1 has a crease along the edge. anyone need them?
  21. Looking to give away the trim around my rear honeycomb grill as I did purchase a new set. Two pieces and straight. But the bottom piece needs more work. (right sneaker in pic not included...LOL) Just pay whatever shipping cost is and it's yours.(figured it shouldn't be more than $20). If no one claims by next Sat, 6/28...it's being thrown out.
  22. I'm sick of these things in the shed - I can't walk into it anymore because of these things, but I don't want to trash them. Free to a good home that's willing to pick them up or pay freight costs. These odd, aftermarket quarter panel extensions were removed from a very rough parts car. They have lots of rough areas, TONS of old Bondo remains all over them, and one of the wheel houses has a small hairline crack . Rough fiberglass layup on the bottom. Many mounting boss areas are cracked. Finish is a hodgepodge of primers. In short, these fenders will need much work, but for the right car, the results will be quite interesting. I've provided a photo of how the RH fender looks when hung on the car to give you an idea of the design. Interesting, to say the least. They aren't to my tastes, but they are undeniably a bit of history left over from the late-1970's and 1980's widebody craze (for better or worse) and perhaps you have a period custom in the works. These fenders carry the shape of the Sportsroof and Mach 1 quarters and will not fit the coupe or convertible (not without SERIOUS modification, anyway). PM if you want em. Miami, Florida area. -Kurt
  23. I bought a used Mallory electronic ignition kit from someone on ebay a couple of yrs ago and never did anything with it, Seller was not sure if everything was there or even if it worked as he bought it at a yard sale. Set has a module and misc parts to convert a standard distributor into an electronic one. he said it would work on any ford 8 cylinder If anyone wants to futz with it , its free just pay shipping
  24. Guys, I have a LH rear floor panel, short version. I cut a 12 x 8 piece that I needed off the left rear corner of it. If any one needs a section or wants the whole part let me know. Thanks, Jay
  25. From a 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V. No carb - these are the only pictures I have of it right now, along with the smog stuff: I want it out of my shed, but I won't scrap it. PLEASE TAKE IT! Free, but you pay the shipping on this insanely heavy sucker, and my medical bills if I slip a few discs when packing it ;) -Kurt
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