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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a choke stove for Quadrajet carb for a 429 cj motor. Also looking for both front fender extensions painted pewter, looking for that original patina. Any help would be much appreciated. Tim
  2. Would like to find a Blue Thunder intake for a 4V 351C. Thanks!
  3. I'm looking for the under hood plenum that channels the ram air from the hood ducts to the breather system. Need the ducts as well, but the plenum is the main thing. The plenum and ducts are all the same for 71, 72, and 73. They're not engine or model specific, so any plenum from any 71-73 mustang will be fine. I know I can buy these from Dynacorn, etc. but looking for originals. If I can't get originals, Leon at Ford Ram Air (fordramair.com) has some really nice fiberglass replicas I'll use. Daily Driver stuff is fine. Thanks, Jeff J
  4. Hi All Hello all from the UK , I am looking to buy the driver door chrome 4 switch unit if anyone has one you would like to sale and post to the UK please. Thanks Nige
  5. Hello everyone, looking for a 1971 Mach 1 drivers side fender extension that’s paintable. Thanks for your help.
  6. I'd like to buy a blank clock delete plate if anyone has one or knows of one. I'd even prefer it not to have the "Mach 1" on it. Even a trace of one would work good, then I could just make one out of black plastic. Any help would be appreciated. (I know of the $180 one on eBay). Thanks!
  7. Hi Looking to add original Mustang under-dash a/c to my 72 Sprint. Anyone know where I may be able to find one? Many thanks, and stay well.
  8. Looking for a pair of 71-72 mustang rear bumper brackets.
  9. Looking to buy a good, ready to bolt on set of 4V closed chamber heads. Prefer 1970 D0AE castings, but will consider D1AE-GA as well. Screw in studs a bonus, but not a deal breaker as I can machine them myself. I do need them to be reasonably fresh with good guides, good single piece valves, not the original Ford may-pops. I have an engine I'm putting together with spare parts and all my 4V heads need the works and every shop I've talked to is full up to July with guys pre-spending their stimulus checks. Within a couple hours drive of central CT or I will need to have them shipped.
  10. Hello everyone, I am still looking to purchase a battery heat shield for a 1971 429cj a/c car, part number is D0OB-A682-A. can anyone give me a lead where I can find one. Tim
  11. Please post what you’ve got guys. For the seat someone in or near Texas is preferred. Don’t care if it’s torn up if it’s a good price. Just need something to Recover. Thanks in advance Daniel
  12. Anyone know where I can get a replacement gasket for the flip down fuel cap? Mine is torn. Everything I google comes up with the gasket from the housing to the car. I need the cap to the housing. I would not mind buying the smaller internal cap too. Just don't want to have to replace the entire OEM from a 71 for a repop. Thanks!!
  13. Yup. I want the full length ones that your trunk lid will hit when you open it. No plastic, and no shortys. Yes, I know these can be expensive due to rarity. Willing to wait and pay nicely for the right ones. Thanks!
  14. Looking for an couple items for a friend. Idiot light speedo cluster. 71-72 hood and fender moldings, going to be painted so flaking chrome ok Hood catch that bolts to underside of hood Needs to be shipped to 06419, will pay via PayPal
  15. looking for a headlamp switch bezel in very good condition. Anyone got anything laying around?
  16. Need all the firewall forward clutch parts for 351.
  17. Hello all! I'm looking American Autowire's crimper tool. I was hoping someone here has one they're willing to part with.
  18. Single piece unit in 71. Part No D1AZ-9A603-A. Fits 4bl 351c. PO tossed when he installed headers back in the 80's. Probably the same time he threw away the Autolite 4300D spread-bore carburator for a Holley.
  19. Looking for a front seat belt in Black. PM me if you have one available. Thanks
  20. I'm looking for a seat back pivot bolt? (D1ZZ-6560392-A) PM me if you have one available. Thanks.
  21. WTB a 351 Cleveland Oil Dipstick and tube. Prefer to use original but am open to aftermarket. Send your opinions/experiences with aftermarket. What brand is the best to go with? Thanks...
  22. Looking for rims, 14/15" magnum. 500 I might be interested in the 68-70 rallies Nice set of cragers With/without tires If your fairly close to cnj text me 347-770-4983 Al
  23. Looking for a passenger side seat platform for 71 fastback. Please PM me if you have one available. Thanks Chris
  24. Just though I would check before I purchase new covers for the front seats. I'm looking for what I think is a Distinctive Industries Black/Black Mach 1 seat back cover (just one back cover). Is there is anyway to tell Distinctive vs TMI vs OEM? I have a rip in one and have gotten a few estimates to repair that are almost the cost of new ones. Also looking for the Mach 1 seat buttons as well. I'm assuming these were recovered years ago since they did not have the seat button. The passenger and driver seat bottom are still in good shape. These were installed over the original
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