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Found 1 result

  1. I'm gearing up to assemble a modified engine for my '71 Mach 1. The build up will include a handfull of mods which I can do at the shop, and that may very well be of interest to some other 351c owners. This engine will be in a everyday driver, so an all-out assault on power and speed is not the point, however, some of the mods will seem sort of "racey", but I'm doing them because I can, and It's what we do at work. First up, are the cylinder heads. As a driver, and a tow vehicle, torque and streetability are prime objectives. I've been running the standard 2V heads for years, but, I think the Aussie 302 closed chamber heads are the way to go, along with the appropriate Icon pistons to keep the C/R liveable with todays gasoline, with good quench and torque happy ports at street rpm. To start off here, I had the heads acid dipped to remove the majority of rust in the water jackets. The guy in charge of cylinder heads, at work here, loaded the heads into the mill for me, for some precision machining of the rocker pedestals, and drilling , tapping of the rocker arm bolt holes to accept 7/16ths screw-in studs and Manley guide plates. I will be running a street grind hydraulic flat tappet cam, but why not do 'em up. They will be receiving stainless single groove valves, along with a port and bowl work, hardened seats, and combustion chamber relieving ( valve un-shrouding ). Note, the mill is numerically controlled, so angles, depths, and spacing are perfect and repeatable. Ruben, you the man! Here are some photos to start with...more to come.
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