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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys. Just thought I would share some pics of the 1965 K code Mustang that I'm working on for a guy. It looks decent on the outside but she's been hacked up pretty bad over the years. It still has the original k-code 289 in it but the 4 speed trans was replaced years ago with another 4 speed. But since its a k code the owner wants to save it. I would like to blow this whole car apart and fix everything at once but the owner just wants to do bits at a time. So for now I am going to be concentrating on the front sheetmetal from the fire wall forward. I will be cutting off the whole front end and starting from scratch. The front frame rails and shock towers have patches over patches and lots of holes in them behind the upper A-arms. The driver side shock tower looks to be leaning in a good inch or so. i will be building a frame jig for this before i start tearing it down too far. The good part about that is that I needed a frame jig to do my 71 repairs too so i might as well build it now. Once I'm done with the front clip, the guy is going to drive it and have some fun with it till next year or this winter. Then he wants me to do the floor pans. The floor pans were done years ago but not very pretty. This is gonna be a pretty big repair but i think im up for it. Should be fun! Well heres a few pics of the car and some of the rot. Some of the up close pics are holes behind the upper A-arms. The driver side upper arm has about 1" of shims behind it to get camber in spec or atleast close to driveable! I will keep this thread updated as i progress. I know its not a 71-73 but its still a cool little Mustang.
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