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Found 23 results

  1. Greetings! We have been digging into a 1971 Mustang convertible to restore as a family fun car but it is just to far gone to try to fix. With all of the parts we have collected, parts cars deconstructed, and effort extended so far it just makes since to continue but find a less rusty 71 to work with. We have a complete M code, ram air, drive train ready to install so mechanical condition is not important. The finished car is going to red with a red interior (not a big fan of vermilion interiors but that is what I have - LOL). My family loves road trips and we have a car trailer so distance is not a big concern but close to Missouri would be a plus! No rush as this is going to be our 2021 / 2022 project. Fun! Son of Paul of MO!
  2. Does anybody have the little 6" or so steel line that comes out of the pressure side of the PS pump? I had one that I took in to get plated and they lost it!! So now I am in need of one. If you have one you can offer please PM me. Thanks!!
  3. Anyone have a good condition hood trim moulding (painted, not chrome) that they can part with? Thanks, Nick
  4. I'd also like to buy the mounting bracket. I am guesting these things are pretty rare. I am prepared to pay well for one if it is reasonable condition. Thanks!
  5. Looking for a set of front 72 Mach-1 seats...I have deluxe interior ( I'm new to Mustangs so not sure if all are the same?)...upholstery is not important just need good frames with rails etc...my 72 had some aftermarket seats installed Thanks....John
  6. For several years I have been on the hunt for a dealer script or license plate frame for my boss 1, without success. Frank Coletto Ford, Harbour City CA. Missed one on eBay about 9 months ago. If anyone came across one would very much appreciate the lead. Thanks in advance.
  7. Trying to get all the bolt on parts cleaned, painted and ready to install on my 72 vert. I need a set of the plastic sleeves that go over the buckle side of the front lap belts, inside belt, Ginger in color. Deluxe belts. I will get a pic on another of my vehicles. PM if you have some and price. Here are a couple pics of what I need. Cheers
  8. Looking to replace my lug nut on my car. I found some Ford lug nut from the seventy's that are close and need 10 more. Here is the part number. Once in a great while a few pop up EBay. I have not been able to find them anywhere else.
  9. Need this piece of trim if anybody has one for sale:
  10. Molasses and pot metal do NOT mix. Now I need a replacement low note horn. Hopefully not too pitted and it needs to work. Thanks!
  11. I have a friend here in OKC that is looking for 5-bolt 289 flywheel. It needs to be usable with no cracks. If anyone has one, let me know and I'll put you in contact with him. Thanks, Ray
  12. Hello, looking for a dash harness used with the factory tach and triple gauge cluster, thanks
  13. Hi all. A long shot I'm sure but if I don't ask! I'm after a fan shroud for my 1971 mustang 429 CJ. Its the same as the Torino 429 CJ. Ford part # DOOZ 8146D. A repro is fine and doesn't have to be new at that, so long as the condition is ok. The other thing is that I live in central France 86290 so it would need shipping there. Thanks in advance and here's hoping :-) Cheers Andy
  14. Looking for a set of Front seats for a 73. Send me pics and price of what you have.
  15. Looking for the Left (drivers) side dash cover plate for a 73.
  16. Motor-city Mustang took care of me- I have one coming. After a fail on eBay I am back on the hunt for a good floor vent for an AC car. I found a perfect one, paid a little over $50 shipped and the seller wrapped it in paper and tape (NO BOX!) Shockingly enough it got crushed in transit... Please get ahold of me if you have one in very good to excellent shape. Requirements. 1) No cracks 2) Riveted on mounting bracket intact. 3) All mounting holes circular and not torn. 4) Willing to package it in a way that it has a chance to get to me unharmed. Thanks for your time, Peter
  17. Need a mint set of 429CJ aluminum valve covers with no cracks or repairs. Also need two 429 crank pulleys # D0OE-6312-J (or -H), and two 429 fan pulleys # D0OE-8509-L. Thanks! Kevin. 205-222-3646.
  18. Anyone have one of these in decent shape. The chrome on mine is missing a big chunk.
  19. Looking for black standard set, partial set or random covers. New sets are back ordered 10-12 weeks and I can't wait that long. Let me know what you have.
  20. I'm looking for a 71 or 72 Mach 1. It must be clean, solid and not a patched up ride, It must be a finished car and ready to go. Also, manual trans is a must, AC would be great, but not necessary. NO PROJECTS. I'm in central PA and will travel a few hundred miles for the right car. Would also consider earlier Mustangs with the same qualifications Message me if you have something. Thanks, SLO-RIDE aka Brian
  21. Hello, I'm looking for a distributor and 4v exhaust manifolds to finish the correct 351C that will go in my mach during the winter. I'm looking for correct stuff to fit a 10/05/1970 build date 1971 Mach 1.
  22. As the title, I looking for a good condition used or old stock roof drip rail for my 71 fastback. I don't need a pair of them, just looking for the Right Hand Side. I'm in the UK so international shipping might be a problem, but alternatively I do know a company that provides car and parts shipping to the UK from Torrance California, so the item could be sent there (within the USA) and I will then arrange my own international shipping. Happy for Vendors to contact me if they have one for sale. Thanks.
  23. Need a title with tag for a 73 vert with Cleveland/C6. Org. Lost somehowūü§™
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