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Shoulder Belts

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Anyone here do a 3 point shoulder belt for a vert?


Thinking about doing this as I would feel safer with the shoulder strap.




Unfort, the shoulder belt holder does need to get screwed into the body and not crazy about that.

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Hi mp,


I can give you some good feedback on this one.I live in the State of Queensland, Australia, and our State laws here demand that shoulder belts be fitted back and front to most vehicles.


When i went to register my '73 vert after purchasing the car, the new belts had to be installed back and front to get the rego through.I had an engineer install the belts, and i was told most clearly, that there was only one position to drill into the body on the quarter panel to secure the shoulder strap. This only position was because of body strength. I was told there are no other options for mounting positions in that immediate area.

The bad news is for me that the original small quarter window cranks hit and rub up against the seat belt anchors when you turn them around, but they can still be turned around successfully. ( i will go into that in more detail in another thread soon).


The backseat shoulder belt install was to mount the retractor boxes down behind the back seat squab, down near the floor area.The belts feed up and retract from the back top of the upright seats.Everything works reasonably well, and this is a good working solution for those that want to install 3 point belts in our convertibles.


See photo attached in photobucket.





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:whistling: LORD, MR FORD - JERRY REED

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Attaching tabs on a roll bar work well also. I have seen photos of a car that had seats installed hat had the integrated shoulder harnesses. I believe they were out of a ford pickup. They looked bigger and more squared as you would imagine. The upholstry looked like expensive grey leather and from 10 feet they looked like a Lincoln interior. Must have weighed a ton. But the guy had a big block in it so i guess he didnt care. Was very cool to see the shoulder belts. Our cars are extremely dangerous in even low speed head-ons because of the lack of shoulder belts. For me i am more inclined to try a "rear seat delete" (someone makes a cover plate setup for the rear) and put in a medium duty roll bar with belt tabs. Of course it kills the look of the car

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