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Ford Nationals 2013 Finland

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Ladies & Gentleman,


Worlds best Ford Show outside United States takes place at Alataro Circuit in Finland in Saturday 13th of July 2013. If you're going to visit Europe at the coming summer or just planning cozy pick-nick to Northern Europe, please come and enjoy the day with us in the spirit of Total Performance. On Sunday 14th there will be open track training in the morning for the club members.


Ford Nationals are organized by Ford-Freak Club of Finland ry and Ford Mustang Owner's Club ry of Finland


You're all invited!




You can visit our web-pages at (only in Finnish):




Here's a shot from the early morning of Saturday 2011 at Ford Nationals. Three big ponies lined up at the line-up! Red one is with 460cid+C6 and the white one has 351c+AOD. There's also '73 Mach 1 peaking from the behind, I was swapping racetires while the picture was taken. Take a close look of the white Stangs hood ornament.


Copyright: Tulilanka


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I hardly ever see our cars cruising down the road here in the states, its nice to see peeps keeping them alive across the pond as well.

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+1 on Matrixx comment... With all the trashing US cars get on Topgear (UK) you get the impression no one drives them in Europe, then there is a picture of 3 in a row!! Excellent.


What is the Hood ornament, I can't make it out?


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Sorry for any UK member but the guys at Topgear UK are bunch of idiots. C'mon guys share a passion for a freaking Lotus or what ever midget car that is with 2 liter engine and its the most perfect car in a world. If you wanna drive a mosquito, then you must like them. But if you like pavement shredding, axle twisting power, they are mainly made outside of UK... ;) I like the new aston Martini's they share the brutal idea of US cars back in the day, huge powerfull engine, no computer aid - they're drivers cars.


We share a passion for the ol' americ iron, I do like all kind of cars, but the vintage muscle made in US is my thing. I'll try to find better picture from the white Mach 1:s hood ornament, but now I gotta start assembling the heads, they won't go together by themself...

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