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New from Colorado!!


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Hi Everyone!


I don't know if this thread should have remained on the "Introduction" page as long as it has, but I really wanted to say thanks for everyone's information, assistance, and input. You have all (mostly all) been very supportive and I've learned a great deal about the passion of the 1971 - 1973 Mustang Owners.


Here's where we are right now...I've received an offer on this Mach I for $10,500.00, if the owner will 1) accept this offer and 2) reassemble the car into running/driving condition. Not sure if the current owner is going to accept the offer, but I feel like I've done my job.


As I've told a couple of the 7173mustangs.com members, I've been fortunate to buy and sell quite a number of cars, trucks, and miscellaneous vehicles in the 47 years since I bought my first car! I've also sold a lot of vehicles for friends and acquaintances, and I've been reasonably well paid for my efforts. I'm sorry if some of you (well, one of you) do not share my enthusiasm and belief in what I do and what I'm capable of. You seem to be a little skeptical of my efforts. It's unfortunate when one person comes across in a negative manner, but I'm simply not going to let that keep me from doing what I love!


Thanks again, to everyone who provided sound advice, information, and guidance in this endeavor.







Normally a "Heartbeat" kind of guy...but, I have some Ford questions. And, as was pointed out to me...maybe there's a little "Blue Oval" lurking in there somewhere! :huh:



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