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Hope I can get some answers . My Mustang is a 1973 Mach 1. I have installed a 1970 429 engine. I have the ram air plenum installed but cant find a air cleaner to go with it. I tried NPD and they say that the one for the 351C wont work becuase the carb. sets further back on clevland than the 429. If I could maybe get some measurments from 351C owners or others fixes for this problem. I was told that the air cleaner for 71 Boss 429 might work but they are rare and very expensive. [/font][/b][/i]

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Good luck, I hope you get things worked out.


I have a '73 with 351c 2V, and I am in the process of fitting Ram Air. I too have the Plenum installed, but that's as far as I have been able to get until I do a few other things.


1) The CLassic Air air con has a line that sits too high. I had to disconnect it temporarily just to get the hood to shut. I need a 90 degree elbow fitting which I have not been able to find.


2) the PO installed a mammoth HEI distributer that interferes with the air cleaner. I'm considering either a small MAllory unit or a Duraspark.

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I was told that the air cleaner for 71 Boss 429 might work but they are rare and very expensive. [/font][/b][/i]


A 71 Boss 429 would be EXTREMELY rare because Ford didn't make a Boss 429 in 71, only in 1970.

They did make a 71 Mach1 with a 429 (also rare), but it didn't have the 1970 boss 429 hemi heads. The only boss car in 71 was the Boss 351.


The ram-air option could be ordered on any 429, be it coupe, Mach1, convert or Cougar.

OMS (an advertizer on this site) has ram-air kits. They could probably get the 429 air cleaner (if it is reproduced for 429. I know they repro the 351.). I would be very suprised if you could find one used at a reasonable price, since an origional ram-air 429 in any Mustang is very rare and collectable. You'll probably have to fabricate it or modify an aftermarket.

1971 Mach1


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Hello Mustanggary,


The 429 ram air cleaner is slightly smaller in diameter and much thinner.




Source: Ford Motor Master Parts


mustang7173 :D


mustang7173 🇺🇸

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I am using a 429 ram air air cleaner a friend loaned me. I can take some photos and dimensions if that would help at all.

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I saw an original 71 429 ram air cleaner w/ gasket at a swap meet in Rhinebeck, NY in May. The gentleman who was selling it was very aware of how rare it was. He had a $1.000.00 price tag on it, too rich for me !!! I am going to modify a 70 LTD w/ 429 air cleaner assembly to work.

Thanks, Jay

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