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I need help finding a OEM look-alike shifter for my 71 that will fit on a T5 trans. Tried Lokar but it does not match up.

71 Mach I 302W. Swapped 3-speed trans for a B/W T5.


Need options.

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I made mine from 1/2" aluminum and used a Hurst T handle.


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I took an old Hurst rod and drilled the two holes needed to mount it up to the T -5 shifter and that was it.



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I had someone with a welder cut the top off the one that came with the T5 and do the same with my original shifter then weld them together, the orginal T5 one was in my opinion to short. only problme is that now you have to remove the rubber boot and the shifter to get the center console out of the car.


With both shifters I dscovered that there is an unforeseen problem with the set up in that the shifter partially blocks a view of my clock.

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Summit has Hurst shifter sticks for $59. They also have the Hurst t-handle and boot. It looks similar to what oem Boss 351 4-speeds came with in 1971. Below is a pict of the Boss 351 shifter:


I put a black ball handle on mine instead of the t-handle, but the Hurst stick and boot looks the same.

1971 Mach1


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