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Reminds me of a shark in a scifi movie I recently watched. It's apparent someone put a lot of time and money into it, not bashing the car but a little over modified body work for my taste.



M code 71 Mach 1, 351 4V Cleveland, Ram Air (not factory), C6 Trans, 3.5 rear


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Thank you.

I don't like the hood but I think the rest of it works and would have to be seen in person to appreciate.


I want to follow the crease along the side and end at a 69 Shelby convertible scoop. Which looks like what is used here. I'd like to find a side view.

They are rather cost prohibitive though.

I want to keep the roof line the way it is.

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I wanted to do the side scoops on my vert when it was being restored but I never dared because of the usual problem: Europe, shipping costs, import taxes and then they won't fit. Was too much of a risk at the time.

I'd like to see someone pull it off though.

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I believe the guys responsible for the Pegasus show car had a really nice solution of integrating side scoops - it's actually quite subtle and fits will with the NASA hood scoops.




Here's the rest of the article: http://www.goolsbycustoms.com/projects/project-pegasus-1971-ford-mustang/


I'm not a huge fan of some of the other things they did, but it's top-notch work and the side scoops really work for me.



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I have a pair of new fiberglass repro scoops, think they're '69-70 coupe versions?

I have pics.

PM if interested.

Pete - MotoArts Decals and Signs

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