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Rimblow steering wheel restoration

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Have some one experience and can share this experience about (rimblow)steering wheel restoration services?

They can change the color also...









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Hi Don,


I have two choices for in the future:


1-let restore the working blue rimblow steering wheel (and dye in black)


2-trade the blue + insert with some one for a (good one ,also no cracks)black working rimblow steering wheel + insert and get the cougar wheel for free(no cracks, only replace the wire and gap)[/u].


Eddy what color do you need ?

Just wheel or pad too ?

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what size wheel fully assembled for black interior to replace grant 15 inch detachable with key lock three spoke racing appearance with horn buttom in middle style looks like hub on 500 style wheel. Available from mustangs unlimited but all those parts too expensive even before assembled also installed if you have óne for my 72 q code cónvertible also mach 1 and concourse interior planning on further trimming up with wood grain about console...around guages. What are you asking as have two spoke stock and aside the 15 inch security also have the next size smaller grant sports wheel with middle grant horn button like to use to absorb some of the asking price if possible

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