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Housing - Instrument Cluster Restore

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I decided to restore my instrument cluster before installing into my 1973 coupe. I look through the forum threads to make sure there was not another thread available. Did not see one related. So, we know that there is silver paint inside the housing. It almost looks like the Argent paint that we are all a custom to seeing.


I know it will have to be a paint for plastics. Has anybody out there repainted the silver inside of the cluster housing? What did you use?




Source: FMC Master Parts Catalog C. 1975



Thank You


mustang7173 :D


mustang7173 🇺🇸

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I used the Dupli Color Perfect Match Spray Paint Duplicates Original FORD Colors #BFM0383 Silver Met Replaces T229 Form O'Riellys Auto Parts (any Auto Parts Store). This was on the advice of this web site http://www.mach1restoration.com/restoring-the-gauge-cluster-on-71-72-73-mustang/

It came out looking just like the original with better coverage. I also repainted my needles with paint Rocketman Bob recommended Testors Model Master Enamel #FS 28915 'Fluorescent Red'. I still have things in pieces but will try to post some pictures tonight.


Good Luck!

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