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Southern Arizona

Steven Harris

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I am new to this post but hoping to make the most of it and enjoy the comradery of fellow 71 to 73 owners. Here is a little information about me:


I was born in the Central African Rebulic (missionary parents). Not a whole lot of cars there (zero mustangs) but by God's design I ended up with a good dose of mechanical aptitude and a love of all things mechanical. At the age of 14 I came to the states to finish my High School years and continue my education and preparation for life.


My first car was a 1957 Chevy Belair which I purchased before ever having a license. From there it was a 1950 Plymouth purchased from my uncle. That was my ride in high school were I became friends with another high school student in our church youth group (C.B.) who owned a silver 1971-73 Mach 1 351 2V. That car began my attraction to the Mach 1. That year my older brother totaled my 1950 Plymouth and the search was on. That search ended instead with a 1970 Torino (located by C.B.) with a built 351 C 4V that would eat any encounter!


Well through the next few years college and marriage was priority until I happen upon a 1969 Mach 1 in 1988. I bought that car and put it new floors and a 390. In 1989 I moved to New Zealand and sold the car.


Fast forward twenty some years; having completed several projects for my children (a 1967 Ford F-250 High Boy, a 1963 F-100 converted to 4X4, and a 1971 Maverick with 5.0 EFI and 5 speed and a current 1967 Ford Ranchero for child number 4) I began looking to replace my 1970 Torino. It was then that I came across 1973 Mach 1 #1. I reasoned to myself that since it was one of these cars that I was originally looking for when I bought that first Torino it was the Mach 1 I should buy. Mach 1 #1 was entry level but my hope to get back at it.


I ended up buying a 1973 Fastback as a companion parts car as I was missing a lot of parts including all drivetrain parts. The Fastback did not have a useable panel (maybe the deck lid) but it did have the 351 C 2V with auto trans. Here's the twist - I actually reside in Mexico (missionary work) and cannot bring a non-running car leagally into Mexico.


I decided to place my two cars up for sale in an effort to upgrade my starting point. My price was right and I soon had a buyer for both. While waiting for him to come up with the rest of the cash I began looking for my next car. I sold my Mach 1 #1 and my Fastback on a Thursday and picked up my Mach 1 #2 and a 1971 Grande (package deal) on Friday!


Sadly the Mach 1 #2 is a non-runner so it is still in Arizona but it is a whole lot closer to my goal than Mach 1 #1. The Grande is a runner and will eventually be offered for sale. Knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words and how much I love pictures of what is being said I will endeavor to upload a few for you. My 1969 Mach, Yellow Mach 1 (end desire) 73 Mach 1 #1 (gray primer), 73 Fastback (black), 73 Mach 1 #2 (white) and 71 Grande (white).


Well, I cannot master this attempt to get Mach 1 #1 to load. I will try again latter.






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Welcome to the club, Steven. Thanks for posting your intro here. Man, we have a lot of great people here that have very interesting life stories.


You've got some neat rides there - thanks for posting the pics.


Glad you're here!




Project started 8-7-10

Completed: All new suspension, rebuilt 351C H Code bored .030 over with mild cam and intake, new 3.50 TracLok, custom exhaust system

Current "mini-project": interior upgrade :-/

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WELCOME aboard, Steven!


It would appear that you will bring a lot of POSITIVES to the Site based on your experience with our cars. I look forward to interacting with you on the Forums as you continue your journey.


Again, Welcome to the Site!




Do the RIGHT thing.

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Welcome, seems like you have a long road ahead of you, but a pretty good idea what you're after! Good luck!


Thank you. Very true: but you see the distance I have all ready covered!


::welcome:: Did you manage to keep the Torino? I suppose not, but nice work in the world of classics!

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No, I am sorry to say I did not manage to hold on to the 70 Torino. What a car! A heavy massaged 351 C 4V that could pull the front tires if hit hard in second. I finished high school in the car and went on to college. It was my only car when I first got married but while working full time in college at $3.25 I had to have something that cost less to keep. I have missed the Torino ever since. I don't think I will be looking back that much now though with the new 73 Mach 1!

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::welcome:: to the side.

Greetings David


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From one MK to another MK (today termed "TCK's"), welcome to our world of "Clydesdales" Mustangs. Tim, FL

Tim: Restoring 71-73 Ponies, Restoring People




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Welcome Steven!! you show good cars in your yard!! are they all yours now??... Well... i know you´ve been posting good this past days so, i´m happy to welcome a new active member! :)


Enjoy this site, believe me, it´s amazing ;)

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Damián :cool:



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Hi Steven ::welcome::

That's a nice story.

Hmmm, southern Arizona. We spent our vacation there in November 2008 and we loved it!!

Good to have you aboard.


"If I were you...... I´d rather be me." 😛
Check out my video:

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Thank you for the welcome guys.


Don65Stang - MK'S: some like us, some don't. Never know if it you need to hug or duck! Cyldesdale: (the big horses)


Damian - El gusto es mio (the pleasure is mine). I really like your find. My dad bought some American Embassy vehicles when we lived in Africa.


Luzstang - Glad you had a good time in southern Arizona. If you like it HOT - summers are great, if you like it warm, any other part of the year. Come back and see us again.


Thanks for the welcome.

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Steven, Does Mach1 #2 have ginger interior? Mine originally came that way and I've been trying to fine pics of a white/ginger color combo. That combo is still on the table for my restoration.





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Yes Mach 1 #2 still has the original Ginger interior with the current white exterior. The front seats have been replaced but the color is the same as the factory Ginger. I do not really have any good pictures that show both the interior with the exterior white but here are the ones I do have to share. Hope this helps.





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