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At LAST ---the 545 is at the Shop


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March 28, 2018 - Update


As noted in a post in another section on the site, I am currently working a couple of issues relative to the stock shifter and valve body. To recap:


My current intent is to use a stock Ford shifter but since I am using a Broader transmission with the full manual valve body, there are potential issues with missing gears when shifting due to the lack of lockouts. I am researching information relative to my options and am thinking about making some alterations to the stock shifter's detents or maybe going to an after-market shifter. I really don't want to go to a cable type shifter but right now ALL options are on the table. 


Another potential "opportunity" has to do with hood clearance.  The car currently has a full metal Boss 429-type hood scoop that I had grafted into the car when I was stationed in the Republic of the Philippines. This is a hand made one-of-a-kind deal that I really would like to keep but am not sure the scoop will be tall enough to clear the Trick Flow Street Intake, a 1" HVH spacer, the Holley HP 1000 carburetor along with the @ 3 1/2" Ford Racing Air Cleaner...it is going to be close. I may have to take an extra hood I have access to and cut it up to install a fiberglass Boss 429 hood.  As y'all might have gathered, I love the look of the Boss 429 hood scoop on our cars. LOL


I will post some more pictures after I clean up the engine bay a bit...it is really getting FULL.



Do the RIGHT thing.

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