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Car won't start in neutral

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Finished the wiring on my Rotisserie and now checking everything in the wiring harnesses. The car starts in park but doesn't start in neutral and I'm not sure if this could be normal or if I have an issue somewhere. Can anybody out there tell me if this is normal or not?


I'm running a 351 Cleveland with a FMX transmission.

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Anymore, brand new doesn't equate with functional. Place the gear shift in neutral, hold the brake down, turn and hold the key in the start position, move the shifter back and forth, about half way to drive and reverse, if the engine turns over the switch needs adjusting, if not, the switch is bad.



“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

--Albert Einstein


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Being electrically minded, I would get my multimeter and check that way.

It's a very simple concept.

2 wires of the same color light up the reverse lights and the other 2 from memory are your starter solenoid.

I would disconnect the 4 wires from the safety neutral switch.

I would put my multimeter on 2 similar colored wires and listen for continuity. ( most cheap multi meters these days have the buzzing option for continuity).

If it buzzes in reverse, then you've located the reverse light wires. The other 2 are your starter solenoid.

Make sure the keys are in the ignition position. This may be your safest option, because you aren't actually connecting the wires, just listening for connectivity.




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