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Coil Spring Compressor

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Another useful Coil spring compressor that looks really good to have. Check out their video.


mustang7173 :D


mustang7173 🇺🇸

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I had one like it in the mid 70s. If its made with standard threaded rod, which it appears to have. The threads will bind up under load. The one shown at the Cougar parts store appears to be made with the proper acme thread type rod. It will not bind up. They both have cons. In that you are compressing the spring where it sets. It picks the spring by using the lower saddle. So serviceing that is now difficult. The pro for this type, its safer in having the spring contained inside the tower. And great if only working on upper control arms.

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Any local parts store will loan you one for free. When some of my rarely used specialty tools got stolen I never replaced them.


Can not get any cheaper than that.


- Paul

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the ones any parts store will load you are different concept mechanisms. The tool shown above uses central load. At some parts stores you can find another type that reaches inside the coils, and grabs the coils itself to apply a central load. And they also have a kind that is applied to the outside if the coil - one on each side. I used this last kind when I removed my springs, but I just bought the axial kind shown above to put them back in. Both of the other kinds - those available for free at auto parts stores - rely on some form of grabbing the sloped springs - and friction between the steel coils and the steel brackets on the tool. Personally, I think this is significantly less safe, and if the friction between the tool and the sloped edge of the steel spring slip, these tools can suddenly break loose - releasing a HUGE amount of energy in your face.


This is a good page to read:



The kind above grabs the vehicle support on the outside of the bottom of the coil, and the outside of the top of the coil to compress the spring along it's center. I believe it is significantly safer to use, and worth the $60 to own one. Anyway - thats just my take.

Pics of The Car

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I have this tool and I really liked it. It was really easy to remove the springs using this. The only option that I used with this was a flat bearing that you could put under the nut so that you didn't have to fight the friction so much when compressing the spring. It took very little effort to turn the nut with this.



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