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Power steering system

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On my 1972, just curious. What is the purpose of the longer power steering hoses on my 1972 302-2V? I have the year where the power steering hoses go up and over the top of the shock tower braces. Many of the other years and engines do not do this.

Brian Kulis

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It is for cooling purposes. A lot of Mustangs came without the PS cooler and had the longer hose. I know mine did.

- Travis




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I'm just putting mine back together after injecting it and I realized that my car used to have this power steering fluid cooler, but no longer does. Is it absolutely necessary? BTW, if you're running a 302 you can easily swap in the late model 5.0L accessories and run serpentine... one of the better mods I made a while back.

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I was told  some years ago, by a long standing repair shop owner, that , according to him, the long hose looped in the power steering system is done to quiet the pump. How, and why, I don't know, and I don't know where he got this information. Maybe an old Ford service tech would be able to shed some light on this. I wonder if anything is in the shop manual about that hose? When I bought my Mach 1 , many years back, the PS cooler was gone as well, but I bought one from a local Mustang specialty shop and put it back on. Perhaps the engineers at Ford know more than the mechanic who removed it . There's usually good reasons for all of this stuff, or the Factory wouldn't design it as such.

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