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Make your own decals and such!!


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Mods..if this is in the wrong place I apologize and please move accordingly.


You ever want to redo those little numbers on a gauge, knobs or switches?

I had this laying around from my model days as I wanted to make custom decals. Never even used it. Everythings still sealed.

It's a decal system that prints assorted color foils to make the decal..and here's the kicker. It prints white!

Now many of you know if you try to print with your home printer this will not work. Using this system, possibilities are endless.


below is a pic of what one guy did to a homemade guitar pedal

and further below is a pic of the kit I have for sale. Was gonna put it on ebay but I thought I'd offer here first.


I posted a link to the manufacturer so you could see how it works. There is a video there to. I'm selling the complete kit including the laminator for just $75. It's way more on their web site.






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