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brake questions

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Sunday got the car out for first time and like many others the brake pedal was a little spongy but the car stopped no proble. i opened the master cylinder and the front well was full of fluid but the back one was almost dry. pulled the wheels and there is no signs that i could see of leaking fluid either on the car or garage floor. looking at the other posts i am thinking the MC needs to be rebuilt. Is that thought correct or should i try other thinge first. thanks george

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Look inside the car under the brake pedal for leakage.

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Also, check the lines to the back. Sometimes they rust through or you get a pin whole and you don't see it unless you crawl. My uneducated guess is that if the front res was OK and the rear was low, there is a leak somewhere. I'd check that before giving up on the master cylinder.


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It you are still running the original rubber hoses, I would look to replace those, you may have a pinhole leak, and eventual catastrophic failure if put under a heavy load. There are lots of stainless replacement sets out there reasonably priced.


The first thing I did to mine, which was still 100% original, was to replace all suspension, steering and braking components, because it was really not very safe to drive until I did that.

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