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This evening my girlfriend and I were at the mall getting some last minute things for the Knott's Berry Farm Car Show this weekend. While we were there I received a call from NPD. I was a little shocked because I hadn't ordered anything. But anyways, it was one of the guys that I usually work with when going in there to get parts. He asked me to stop by because he had picked up something for me from the Las Vegas 50th show because he knew I wouldn't be able to go. My girlfriend teased me saying "Oh, he probably got you a key chain or something"...I didn't care what it was as I was still bitter about not being able to go (thanks to my brakes going out last minute and costing me a pretty penny)...But anyways, I go by there and holy crap!!!! That is a lot more then a key chain. (Even my girlfriend was a little jealous hehehe as she knows now she'll have to really step it up in the gift giving department) I couldn't believe all of the stuff inside including that awesome plaque! Plus stuff that not everyone received.

All I can say is SWEEEEEEEEEEEET! I don't feel as bad for missing it now......actually yes I am :D




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That is what you call customer service!


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That is way cool! Nice score, Tom.


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