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Another one: 71 Mach 1 from Germany


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Awesome job with the car. It will look fantastic.


By the way, I'm a fan of the cars originally from your country, namely the VWs.


Welcome! I'm definately following this build.


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Hi Spechti, i live in Kaltenkirchen near Hamburg. Hope to see you sometimes. Welcome hear , nice project!

I love this forum, too. Nice folk here. And a ton of informations from our cars.


[button=http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-1972-t5-mustang-mach-1]David's Garage[/button]

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Servus Spechti,

that's the place to be...cool ,that you take the long road and not making a cheap show resto...

it 'll be worth it, this cars done right a pure fun to drive and we don't have to talk about style :)

looks like we have the same vision....

nice Lincoln btw :)


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Yes, the main problem I had with Dr. Mustang was the fact that the posts on 71-73 cars were very spare and rare. The forum is big and covers all years of Mustangs. In Germany ad also in Austria the big Mustangs are still almost unknown and lots of people never saw one. They associate "cassic Mustang" with the years 66 to 69.


Our cars are very special. It was great to see from time to time a new thread on the big horse and of course Abudi's Boss 351 resto thread was a MUST, but to be honest, I have found more interesting stuff here in a week than in Dr. Mustang in half a year.


G'Night, folks.


Michael: Like the rest of you European mustangers (Luxembourg,Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, and France?)--your facility in the English language is commendable and admirable. I was born and raised in the 3rd world (Ven, SA) and am Canadian by citizenship--so grew up having to learn a number of different languages. But for the most part, the USA is a one language culture.


Wonder how most of us would fare talking on a VW website in German or French? Warmest of welcomes to all of you from other cultures and who speak other languages and who also love the 71-73 Pony cars. I love the global aspect of this forum. And congratulations for rising to the challenge of communicating outside of your native tongue. If you ever spend a holiday in Florida, be sure and look me up. Love to meet you and family.




Tim: Restoring 71-73 Ponies, Restoring People




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