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Quarter panel skin

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This will be my first quarter skin replacement, so I may be missing something. The bottom front of the skin that meets the rocker, angles down at an angle instead of up like the rocker. If I bend to match will that cause other problems or is the gap filled with something. I could make a little patch piece to fill the gap. Help in this area. thanks



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It needs to be folded another 70 degrees or so to match the angle of the rocker panel. You can measure the existing panel from the brake fold to the rocker. There is a slight gap(1/16") after folded for the seam sealant.

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The judge got it. I had to do the same with the skins on my 71. There will be a bead of seam sealer in the spot you describe. I spot welded that area from the inside going in through the area where your rear quarter windown crank mechanism would be.

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