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What does your Mustang dyno at?

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For those of you that have dyno'ed your cars, what sort of numbers did you put up? Also, what sort of modifications were done to your engines and what was the intended purpose of your build (street, strip, etc..)?


I'm just curious to see what kind of mods did what for your engines.



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I reckon if I dynoded my dead stocker 2v it would make 4-5hp total he he. What's the figure your hunting

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It's sad. When the Auto Hobby Shop was still open, I'd planned on getting the car together and hopping on the Mustang Dyno to find out exactly that.


Now that it's closed... :shy:


All I got is CompCams' CamQuest utility saying that I should expect around 400hp out of all the things I dumped into my restomod 351C-2V.


That thing did make a dandy workbench, though. rofl





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Near-stock rebuild, standard stroke 351C with 4V Open Chamber 030 overbore


280 rwHP @ 5900 = 400-466 HP (est. sae gross)


286 rwTQ @ 4000 = 408-476 TQ (est. sae gross)


Build Specs & Dyno Report here:


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I wont tell. I was too ashamed. :'-(

My car seems to be considered for being pretty cool by many members and I don't wanna ruin that.

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mine standard stroke 351C with 4V Open Chamber 040 overbore


Dynoed at 310ish at crank.


I had to detune it to make it work right. i figure i lost a good 20-30 HP just to make it run right.


plus a 65% loss from a C6 i'm guessing i get about 170 at the rear tires.

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