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Mustangs By the Bay 2014 (stay tuned for updates)

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Just trying to remind people in SoCal that my club is putting on our annual show again this year SUNDAY OCTOBER 5TH


Registration isn't open just yet (they're slightly behind thanks to the 50th in Vegas and Fab Fords) But will be very soon!


I'm personally expecting Ron our club's MBTB chairman to announce it within the month, so everyone in SoCal please keep an eye on this thread



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the print out registration form is now available .....and registration w/ the option to pay through paypal should be up in the nexy day or so


http://www.facebook.com/download/676504612441015/2014%20MBTB%20REGISTRATION.doc]Link to download Print out Registration (word doc)


if this doesn't work just check out the store at sdmustangs.com over the coming weeks to register that way

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San Diego Mustang Club Website


Click on the MBTB link in the top right and fill it out. Be aware that the cost has gone up $5 to $35 BUT you do get a FREE T-shirt with your entry. So be sure to select your T-Shirt size OTHERWISE YOU GET AN XL!!!


Also make sure that when you go to pay you have every thing filled out and all the correct boxes checked. cause you will have to click submit AND THEN IT WILL SHOW UP AGAIN where you click the same box where it will then say CONFIRM PURCHASE



(or whenever we hit our limit....which ever comes first)


There is a day of show class that is $40 and that will be open as long as there is room.

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Well, that's it! Hope everyone who's in the area got in, cause the deadline has OFFICIALLY passed, and by the final count we are OFFICIALLY FULL!!! 350+ cars!!!!


We are so full that we WILL NOT be offering/allowing any day of show entries either!




So again, hope all members in the area on here were able to sign up, and if not still hope you guys will make the trip down to check out the show NEXT WEEKEND!

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