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My 73 Mach 1 build

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Hello everyone.


I've slowly gotten started on my project, finally. In between work travel trips, I've managed to finally get the T-56 support made. I had started this project over 10 years ago before there were any kits to fit this in the body, so I had to keep going with what I started. I had already made a new crossmember going over the transmission, and needed to make a support to bolt in to actually hold it. I wanted to get that done so I could pull the motor and trans back out and finish welding the floor, tunnel, and firewall, and get started on the inner fender aprons and cowl.


I'm still learning a lot about tools and the right order to do things in, but I've got some good experience working with metal in general. Shaping it and welding, I'm good to go.


Here's the transmission support. I should point out that this was test fitting again after only partially welding it:



And the engine and transmission pulled back out, finally:



I'll try to update as I get more done.



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