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can anyone help I d these 4 speed pedals

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I have two pedal setups and I'm not sure what the difference is here. To the eye the black pedal set in the right has a stud on it to mount column to. This set came out of a 71 cougar. The set on the left came in a box with my 72 q code 4 speed car. I'm guessing it is original to the car. I was Goin to use the black cougar ones with the cougar column because it was a little nicer. I searched online and see both sets of pedals being sold as mach 1 pedals. Will either one work or us each set column specific?


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Is the steering column different between the Cougar and your Q-code?


I never seen if a tilt column has a different mounting, all of the pedal assemblies I've messed with look like the left side (I think!)....


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I just removed the non tilt column from my '71 4 speed car.

It has 3 bolt holes. The tilt column that will replace it is from an unknown car of unknown vintage. It also has the same 3 bolt mount.

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What are you going to do with the extra pedals? PM me if you want to get rid of them.








I am just here to eat my lunch and screw stuff up!!!!!lollerz

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