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Hi friends

I have my 73 one month now in normal operation, and want to ask the fórum if is normal to have a hard steering (or no power steering) during first 1-2 minutes after startup. Note the weather is not cold in my place. Car has normal power steering box and pump.

After 2 minutes, steering is a one finger operation. Level of fluid is fine. Have not done a flush, yet.

There is a very small leak from box.

Thanks for coming comments.

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sounds like it could be a few things possibly; the leak allowing air into the system and the pump has to bleed the air out every time it runs hence after a min the system is bled and pressurized it works as it should. It could also be that the pump is weak and not pressurizing immediately. I would suggest fixing your leak first and seeing if that fixes the problem. Keep us updated!

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I would try some good quality power steering stop leak/seal rejuvenator, like Lucas. It might fix both problems.



“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

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