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73 Rear Bumper Aesthetics

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So i have been trying to look into this for some time. I have seen mention of it but cant find any definitive proof. I have a 73 Mach, that has the ugly stock rear bumper guards on it with black rubber stripping. I really like how the 71-72's are fit tighter to the body of the car, and hate how the 73 had to get that 2-3 inch outward extension and then they put the poly filler on each corner. Looking at catalogs they all show that their replacement rear chrome bumpers are the same part number for 71-73, but they have different mounting brackets. Has anyone got a write up or know how the 71-72 mounting brackets can be mounted to a 73 to achieve the same flush bumper install, or if its even possible. Its driving me nuts.


I would like to think all that has to happen is to purchase a new rear bumper, the 71-72 brackets and bolts, and then remove the Urethane fillers and it would look the same. Anyone done this? :(

- Lee

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It is all bolt on items

You need to change


quarter extensions


remove the fillers, left, right and center. You will need to weld up the mounting holes

The bumpers are the same, just remove your gards


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I got a 71-3 chrome rear bumper off ebay and the brackets from CJ.


Not sure about the bumper filler pieces they are missing from the car.


The repop bumper I think is thinner than original but is better than

no bumper the way I got the car.




73 Grande

351C 2v

Now 4v Carb/Cam/headers/T5


Gasoline is for washing parts.

Alcohol is for drinking.

Nitomethane is for racing!



Work in Progress photos here:

Last Update: 4/23/16

























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I installed a std rear bumper on my 73 with its stock brackets and hardware. I still think its way better than the original 73 bumper with rubber trim and overriders. Unless you really want to go all out for the 71-72 look I wouldn't sweat it. Keep what you have and just swap on the new bumper.





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Yellow 1973 Mustang Mach 1

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