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Chrome bumper or not?

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Thanks for your comments. Yes, a few people have told me it's wrong and the front does look a bit of a mess up close. Yes, finding the the NOS 72 urethane bumper was a stroke of luck. Maybe I just go with that.




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Screw 'em - your car looks GREAT! ::thumb::


Honestly, I don't hate your '73 bumper. It's one of the few cars with a big bumper that doesn't look as 'out of place,' IMHO.


Since you have all options at your disposal, here's what I would recommend: put on the correct urethane bumper and have it painted. You can always switch over to the chrome bumper if you wish without having to reconfigure much if anything.


Based on the end-cap seams being filled, I gotta wonder how much body work is under there. That would explain the '73 bumper on your car (they didn't have anything else handy to replace a damaged front bumper with, perhaps).


Please tell me you went with another Deluxe Grille, though. Switching to a standard grille would be a 'downgrade,' IMHO.



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Yes, I bought another deluxe grill. It's got to look mean still! The new fender extensions I've just bought are much thinner than what I have. There must be a good 1/4 inch filler on the outside face. I've got a nasty feeling they might have filled the wing too, to blend it in. Then it'll get expensive.




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So after getting the NOS 71-72 urethane bumper sprayed up and fitted on to the bumper brackets, I thought I try and fit the bumper support to it. So I removed the bumper support from the 73 Urethane bumper and drove 100 miles to a specialist to get it shot blasted. Then spent much time putting primer and hammerite on it.




So today I went to fit it. It doesn't fit! It looks exactly the same but the holes don't line up and the ridge on the leading edge has vertical lips with screw holes.


This is a 71-72 bumper support.




So a total waste of time! :( Guess I could try and modify it some how.




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So I hammered down the vertical lips on front edge my 73 bumper support, so it's like a 71-72. Then put primer and hammerite on and set about fitting it. With a bit of persuasion it went on. So it's all done :).








I also removed the none original headlamp shrouds and refitted the grille.








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Looking good. But I must say that yours was one of the few cars the 73 bumper didn't look bad.

Then the chrome bunper really looked great because it was a great contrast to the dark paint.

I can't help you, I like them all. :)

"If I were you...... I´d rather be me." 😛
Check out my video:

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Thanks chaps, looking back, the 73 bumper didn't fit properly and the old grille was badly broken. I think the car is back to how it left the factory, minus the hood and magnums. So I'm happy.


If I would do it again I would change to the `71 grill without lights.



Hi Claus,

The car had the Décor Group fitted so it came with the Mach 1 grille originally. So that's how I'll keep it.




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