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Not a happy camper right now......really down!

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since motor is out....went ahead and touch up the headers.


ceramic coated...got some rust! Really!!!


oh well...nothing a lil rattle can high temp paint can't fix.

here is a pic of one of headers that I did and one that needs touching up.


just waiting on my trans cross member from Don at Ohio...then its all going back in!



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haven't done anything...been raining. need a good .sunny weekend to drop the motor back in.

Yep, the car is outside all covered up....wish had a big enough garage to put the car and do work.

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quick update....newly rebuilt transmission is in! found out that I had a tranny from a truck with column shift - turns out the shift lever is all whacked! the new shift rods I bought..didn't work. So ended up with B&M shifter.


will be posting pics soon.


also, finally got to drive it around the block! ahhhh felt great to hear the small block rumble!!!


quick note: getting use to this B&M star shifter...little weird...but, so cool to just jam up the shifter from 1 to 2 to drive without worrying I'm going to miss a gear!

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