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Body side moulding trim

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Here are some pictures of the right side of my 73. The strip that runs along the body line on the door has lost its plastic inset. Any ideas on where to find this? Or do I have to replace the whole strip? Either way, I am unable to find anything as of yet.IMG_1523.thumb.JPG.fb67aff431dce0e5621f021b9673e494.JPGIMG_1522.thumb.JPG.d78f0806b712b290fb1c700a24e68c22.JPG

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Definitely the oem stuff I had on my 73 convertible. Good luck finding just the rubber strip. Ebay has this LH side but the rubber might work for you.




Rick Bombard

1971 Grabber Green Mach 1 351C 4V

2013 Race Red California Special Convertible

1973 Medium Copper Metallic Convertible 302 4V     SOLD

1953 F-100 SOLD

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We found the insert for our 73 Cougar Convertible at a trim shop in Tucson a few years back. The trim is similar but not exactly the same as yours



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The moldings are part of the protection package that were optional for in each case the 1971 model.

(I have a NOS to the right door but unfortunately impossible to send to the United States, to expensive shipping and impossible to pack so it is not damaged)


// Thomas

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It's a pain to find, my 73 coupe has it as well, lots of internet searching may find you some NOS if you are lucky

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73 Grande

351C 2v

Now 4v Carb/Cam/headers/T5


Gasoline is for washing parts.

Alcohol is for drinking.

Nitomethane is for racing!



Work in Progress photos here:

Last Update: 4/23/16

























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