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1972 Factory engine color.


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Hey guys. I'm currently restoring my 72 Mach 1. It has a 351c in it and it has two different color blues. The block is a lighter blue, and the heads, valve covers, pulleys, manifold are a darker blue. Which was the original color that Ford made it? The motor was apparently rebuilt (and I'm assuming repainted) before I bought it. Just wanted to make sure which was which. Thanks in advance!

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You'll probably hear many versions of what is the correct blue for 1966/ Ford engines. I've always used Plasti-Kote #224. Having been involved in MANY engine projects over the years for friends and myself, I found this color best matched what was on the engines we pulled. In fact this is what we used at the Ford dealer to paint shop built engines and to touch up Ford built engines going in customers cars. Hope this helps!



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