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'73 Vert Glamour Shots and Senior Pictures

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Got a chance a few weekends ago to take some pictures of and with the '73! I really like how a few of them came out! Also got a chance to take a couple of our new 2015, so I figured I'd throw them in at the end :roll eyes:





























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Great shots, I love the use of the sun for effect, must try that myself some time. Nice looking car, very cool.

[align=center]When I depart this world I want to go peacefully.

Fast asleep, like my Granddad.

Not yelling and screaming like the

passengers in his car.[/align]

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I like your cars. The vert really looks good.



351C 4V cc heads, 10.5 : 1 CR, 290 Herbert cam, Flat top forged pistons, forged connecting rods, Atomic efi,

C6 with Gear Vendor overdrive, 3.89 Tru Trac, Hooker Super Comp with 2 1/2" Pypes Exhaust.        


Some Mod pictures can be seen at: [button=http://www.7173mustangs.com/forum-garage?filterxt_uid=2026]Bojo's Garage[/button]



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Nice stangs, the vert looks like a great cruiser.

351w - Ford racing GT40X 178 cc aluminum heads - Ford racing(crane) 1.7 roller rockers - Comp Cams 280H magnum cam .544" / .544" lift - ARP hardware - hedman longtubes - magnaflow exhaust with X pipe - Duraspark - MSD digital 6al box - MSD TFI coil - optima red top battery - tuff stuff 140 amp alternator - weiand stealth intake  - edelbrock 1406 600 carb  - march pullies and brackets - Be cool fan controller - derale electric fan - FMX trans - motive 4.11 gears - traction lok - lakewood traction bars.                                            












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Thanks for all of the kind words! I think Pictures 7/8 turned out to be my favorites, with the way the detail and contrasting stand out.


jhawk, we have almost taken it out twice in the last 3 fridays, but the rain has just been everywhere, all the time! Hopefully we can get a little more sunshine so that we can bring it over!

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Nice ride. If you're ever near Galveston, hit me up and we'll burn Galveston down. Not sure how old you are, but if you're on the north side of 21, first beer's on me.

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Nice cars! I still like the vert best though. The muscle car colours make these Mustangs stand out but pic 9, the black and white, is a nice shot too.

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