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Hey gals and guys,


I did not find any thread like this - so how about this?!?


One day or another I find cool historic pics in the net of our cars and think, too bad I can not share it with the others...


How about to change that?


If possible everyone can post a remarkable historic picture he could not keep back from the others.


Not more than


One per day - only 71-73 - contempory pictures of the 70ies!


So I will have the first one and I am looking forward for the next ones - share your treasures!



THIS I never would allow on mine - no matter how beautiful she might be... :sleepy:



Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly :angel:

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Nice shot, however I don't think health and safety would allow this to happen in Australia now days.

[align=center]When I depart this world I want to go peacefully.

Fast asleep, like my Granddad.

Not yelling and screaming like the

passengers in his car.[/align]

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