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Is Speedometer Grinding Common? Fix?

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Is this a common thing on these cars. Mine is a 72 with a 351c and automatic transmission. The gauge cluster is coming out shortly so I can go to LED's because I can't see the thing at all at night, but I figure I might as well order parts and have them ready for the speedo if there is a common failure point. I had this on a Ford in about 1989, but it needed replacement of two separate speedo cables (and I started out by only buying one of them).


I just don't want to rip into it and not have the parts at the ready.


Thanks for any tips. You've all given me such great advice so far and we are getting closer by the day to getting this thing back to looking and driving pretty darn new. :)

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Mine had that problem and I replaced the cable and the problem was solved. I think after a while the grease dries out in the speedo cable. You may be able to grease it if you want to try it. I not sure if its worth the hassle on a 40 year old part.



John J

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