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Hey guys I have a quick question hoping that one of you can help me. I was recently flipping through the new Larry's Tbird and Mustang book and I saw a item called a Dash Cap. The description is not very spacific but it says that it is a dash Skin designed to slip over the existing dash and hide and/or protect from cracks. My only question is does it install over the dash pad and metal assembly that is already on the car. or does it replace the current one, If anyone uses one of these and has pics or info that would be great thanks.

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I used one bought in NPD for a 1970 coupé some years ago... I didn´t love it really... it looks ok from a distance but if you look carefully (you dont need to be a judge, problems are everywhere) you can see that the cover only do the fat eye parts...


In a 70 is natural to use it if you are low with money cause the repro of the dash upholstery cost more than 400 dollars... the 71 -72 is not for like 100 dollars in NPD so, as bas as this 100 buck repro can be, it is gonna be better than the hard plastic cover you´re asking...


hope it helps!

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the dash caps are a waste of money, years ago they were the only option you had to do something with your original cracked original.


6 years ago they only had reproduction dash pads on the market they were decent.


about 4-5 years ago they started making original tooling dash pads i've heard these can be pretty good better then the reproduction mold from the older batch, but the quality is spotty sometimes good sometimes bad.


I believe both versions were sold through 'dash direct'


nothing beats originals but you have to make due with what you can find. i would only use the covers as a last resort if i couldn't find the reproduction or original tooling pads.

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The replacement Dash Pads are about $120; I think Ohio Mustang sells them. It's probably worth the few extra bucks to get the replacement pad. I'm really happy with mine.

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