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Will be starting up this one day this week. Comp cam SAY'S run at 2000 RPM'S for 30 minutes and then replace oil and filter. Drive 1000-1500 miles and change again.. My question is...Do I need a fan blowing into radiator to keep engine from overheating?



Alan L


Alan L

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If you can get a flex fan, they generally move more air than the stock four blade fan. I broke my '69 in with the stock 5 blade fan. I didn't have any overheating problems but kept a very close eye on temperatures. I used a digital non-contact laser thermometer to measure temperatures all over including each exhaust port/header pipe (to verify each cylinder was firing).


What size radiator do you have? If it has extra rows of tubes that will help too.

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I wouldn't think it would overheat as long as the cooling system is working properly. I don't see where having a fan would hurt though.

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A fan is a good idea. You want to bring it up to 2000 rpms asap and keep it there. You dont want to be fiddling with timing or carb adjustments at idle untill break in is done. One of the reasons sometimes they run hot at breakin is because the timing isnt properly set yet.

Also have some gallons of water or coolant ready for the radiator, usually after the t-stat opens you will need to add maybe another gallon.

Good luck


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A garden sprayer full of water will help. Spray water into the fins of the radiator if it starts getting hot. A good sized box fan will help and outdoors if possible will help keep the ambient air temperature controlled.

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