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1971-73 4 speed conversion complete factory set up

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I have a complete factory 4 speed set up for 71-73 mustang or cougar.toploader in great shape,bellhousing,clutch,pressure plate,z-bar,rod,frame and engine mount,crossmember,pedals,driveshaft etc.entire factory set up still in the car.fits 302,351 1200 OBO 631-745-3130

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That is probably a good price. Got a guy going to give me $1,000 for just the transmission but it was only made for 90 days and very difficult to find with only 25 splines on the output.

I have seen just the brake and clutch pedal with linkage at swap meets for over $500.

It is great to be able to get everything at once also. Sometimes the Z bars and such are hard to find but I guess you can switch to the aftermarket ones.

The shifters are also getting expensive and boots for 71 are hard to find.

You will also need the flat plate that goes around the shift boot if you go from auto to floor shift 3 or 4 speed. Pic below, NPD does have repo of it.







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